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    Ukraine Military: Situation and Needs


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    Re: Ukraine Military: Situation and Needs

    Post  Militarov on Fri Jun 03, 2016 5:47 pm

    "Secretary of the National Security and Defense of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov visited the proving ground in 31 May, where a demonstration and testing of unmanned aerial vehicles, most of which were produced in Ukraine, took place.

    The Alliance “New Energy of Ukraine” is a Ukrainian Non-Governmental Organization, presents new Yatagan-2 unmanned combat air vehicle. The Yatagan-2 is designed to provide the warfighter with a back-packable, non-line-of-sight precision strike solution with minimal collateral effects. The vehicle’s small size and quiet motor make it difficult to detect, recognize and track even at very close range. The Yatagan-2 is fully scalable and can be launched from a variety of air and ground platforms.

    General characteristics :

    Range: 3000 m
    Active Hours: 12 min
    Armament :1 kg warhead (Yatagan-3 have 1,5 kg)

    This Yatagan-2 drone is designed to loiter the battlefield and attack targets by self-destructing into them. If a target is not engaged, the drone will return and land itself back at base."


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    Re: Ukraine Military: Situation and Needs

    Post  airstrike on Tue Sep 06, 2016 11:27 am


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    Athens 16/10/2016

    Post  arpakola on Mon Oct 17, 2016 11:25 am

    Athens 16/10/2016

    meeting in Syndagma sqr against a meeting in Athens organised by the Kiev Junda

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    Re: Ukraine Military: Situation and Needs

    Post  franco on Sat Nov 19, 2016 3:00 am

    According Passports budget program "Support for the operation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and training of troops" in 2016 by the state in February 2016 .:

    The number of military personnel (except conscripts) - 158 641 people.

    The number of state employees and civil servants, except for those in the military post) - 32657 persons.

    The number of civil servants occupying military positions - 1426 persons.

    The number of conscripts - 19170 people.

    In 2016 it was planned to take on the military service on the contract 65600 people. Since the beginning of the year a contract with the Ukrainian army concluded more than 53 thousand soldiers, of which more than 6 thousand -.. Officers. Among citizens mobilized this year for military service under the contract made about 11 thousand. People, mostly non-commissioned officers.

    As of October 4, 2016 in the Armed Forces of Ukraine took place military service under contract 156.5 thousand. Soldiers -109 thousand. NCOs and enlisted personnel, and 47.5 thousand. Officers.

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    Re: Ukraine Military: Situation and Needs

    Post  George1 on Wed Apr 26, 2017 12:25 am

    New 45th and 46th Airborne Assault Brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

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    Re: Ukraine Military: Situation and Needs

    Post  George1 on Wed Apr 26, 2017 12:45 am

    Composition of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for March 2017

    An attempt to generalize data on the current state of the Ukrainian Armed Forces (ZSU) and changes in their combat composition. However, the author's conclusions look controversial, since it can be assumed that the increased formation of new units (brigades) is caused by the reasonable desire of the leadership of the armed forces to accumulate operational and strategic reserves for possible counteraction to the "deep" operation of the Russian side, which poses the greatest potential threat to the ZSU.

    The block brought to the surface many questions that are increasingly stimulating politicians in Kiev, Donetsk and Moscow to a large-scale military conflict. It is not certain that the Minsk agreements will cease to exist in the near future, but nevertheless it would not be bad to think that the Ukrainian authorities can oppose the young Republics.

    The structure and brief description of what can be put forward against the recalcitrant Donbass:

    Mechanized troops.

    At the moment, Ukraine has 11 mechanized brigades (14, 24, 28, 30, 33, 53, 54, 60, 72, 92 and 93), and 3 more brigades are being formed (15, 61 and 63); 3 mountain-infantry brigades (10.62 and 128); 4 motorized infantry brigades (56, 57, 58, 59).

    Tank forces.

    Ukraine has 3 Tank Brigades (1, 5 and 17); 6 separate Tank Battalions (1, 2, 4, 5 and two withdrawn from the 1 OTBR and 17 OTBR, replaced by linear). In addition, at the stage of formation of two tank brigades (3 and 14).
    5 OTBR was created to block the border with the Crimea, two nameless tank battalions became the basis for 3 OTBR and 14 OTBR. 300 UTP should not be taken into account, the contractors were involved in the so-called ATU and in 2015 they were reorganized into 3 OTBAT, which is translated as linear in 54 OMBR.
    In addition, 3 former Soviet tank divisions have been reformatted into storage bases, so there will be no problems with equipment for tumors.

    Missile forces and artillery

    In their composition, the APU has 19 ORBRs; 7 artillery brigades (26, 27, 40, 43, 44, 45 and 55), including the 27th reactive artillery, 26 and 43 self-propelled, the rest towed; 2 regiment of rocket artillery (15 and 107).
    40 OABR was created to block the border with the Crimea.
    The base for the storage of artillery armament in Ukraine is so large that it will suffice to fight before the terrible trial. In general, these are towed guns of the 1950s and 1970s. The ammunition stores are another matter - it is rumored that everything is sad there. This is confirmed by the fact that the APU is putting into operation more and more artillery systems, up to howitzers and guns of the Second World War.

    Army aviation.

    As part of the ZSU, 4 brigades of army aviation (11, 12, 16, 18). In addition, there is a storage base in the Lviv region with a large number of buildings, there is the production of its own engines and missile helicopter weapons.
    Troops of communication, engineering and RHBB will not paint, because they participate in the database as providing, and air defense is not interesting because of the lack of aviation in the DLNR.


    In the structure of the OTBR there are 6 tactical aviation brigades (7, 40, 114, 204, 299, 831), the 39th separate squadron, the 203th tactical aviation training brigade and the 383rd regiment of UAVs. In addition, there are three brigades of transport aviation (15, 25, 456).
    Storage bases in small quantities contain SU-27 and MiG-29, which in the absence of production and engines are quietly cannibalized. There is no naval aviation at all.

    Forces of special operations.

    The MTR of combat units includes 2 regiments of the Spetsnaz (3 and Cool, the 73rd ICCS and the 140th SSN. The 10th Separate Detachment of the Spz of the GRU of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, 36 OblMP, 137 OBATMP, 801 separate detachment of struggle against submarine sabotage forces and means and 6 separate reconnaissance companies (54, 74, 129, 130, 131, 136) can also be listed here.

    Highly mobile troops.

    They have 1 airborne brigade (25), 5 assault landing (45, 46, 79, 80 and 95), 2 airborne brigades (81 and 82).
    The 82nd OAEMBR is preparing to block the border with the Crimea.

    Military naval forces.

    Against the Republics Ukraine can oppose 1 medium landing ship, 1 landing craft and 6 artillery boats of special construction.

    What is the ZSU:
    Quantitatively, the ZSU has grown at times, constant training at the training grounds and running in the front line, too, was not in vain. In Ukraine, for the first time since the late 1990s, something like the army appeared. But the diseases remained the same.

    Mechanized troops.

    Compared with 2014, the APU has 13 new mechanized brigades, 2 of them are mountain-infantry and 4 are motor-infantry brigades. Total mechanized brigades at the shelters are 21 pieces. Of these, 4 brigades (10 OGSHBR, 15 OMBR, 60 OMBR and 62 OGPBP are on the border guard and are considered purely conditional, as a reserve.
    The remaining brigades can be conditionally divided into meat and personnel. 14 OMBrs, 24 OMBrs, 28 OMBrs, 30 OMBrs, 53 OMBrs, 72 OMBrs, 92 OMBrs and 93 OMBrs complete in state and technology, battles that have been fought since 2014 are unlikely to be put forward in the first wave. Most likely they will be held as an operational reserve.
    In the first wave BTG will be formed, formed from new brigades - 33 OMBRs, 54 OMBRs, 61 OMBRs, 63 OMBRs, 128 OGPBrs (strongly battered at Debaltsevo, rebuilt by infusion of terbat), 56 OMPBr, 57 OMPBP, 58 OMPBP and 59 OMPBP .
    This idea is prompted by the fact that the selection of servicemen is carried out by sleeves, if only the state is to be hammered. For many of the new brigades, the staff structure is greatly shortened, and some like 33 OMBRs do not even have barracks, living on the Tuchinsky test site. Techniques for the state are also incomplete - in fact most of the new brigades are a pair of terbatov, jihad-landed mobile (or as in Ukraine they call gan trucks).

    Tank forces.

    Here the ukra is more or less orderly, there are two percussion fists in the form of 1 OTDR and 17 OTDR, which are completely complete in staff and technique. For the formation of battalion tactical groups there are 1 OTBAT, 2 OTBAT, 4 OTBAT, 5 OTBAT and linear tank battalions in mechanized and tank companies in airmobile brigades. In addition, at the stage of formation now 3 OTBR and 14 OTBR, in the reserve 5 OTBR, reinforcing the grouping on the border with the Crimea. New modifications of the T-64 are only in 1 OTDR and 17 OTBR, as well as the T-80 in the linear tank companies of the airborne brigades, the rest drive on anything - in some of the linear tank battalions there are not even DZ elements on tanks, in addition, in these battalions also Incomplete by number. But nevertheless, this is the force with which one has to reckon

    Missile forces and artillery.

    The only 19 RBrs remained the only one, although it is no longer necessary. According to the TTX of the missile complex "Tochka-U" any point of the Republic can be shot. With reactive artillery is also the order - there is the 27th ReBr with a Uragan MLRS in service, 15 Reap and 107 Reap with the Smerch SLRZ and linear ReAD from the Grad GRAD in mechanized and tank brigades.
    With Artillery is much worse, despite the total number of trunks. The basis of the maneuver war is self-propelled artillery near the ukrave in a sad state. 26 OABR, which collected the remains after 2014 - SAU "MTAA-S" and SAU "Hyacinth" and 43 OABR with SAU "Pion". Some of the CU "Gvozdika" is in the linear self-propelled divisions of mechanized and tank brigades, but most such divisions are incomplete.
    The remaining brigades of 40 OABR, 44 OABR, 45 OABR and 55 OABR are armed with exclusively towed guns, which does not interfere with the shooting of cities in the conditions of the Minsk agreements, but in the case of a maneuver war becomes a burden and an easy target. Anti-tank artillery in most brigades also consists of MT-12 towed guns, ATGMs exclusively from paratroopers, Marines and SSO. Again, in case of maneuverable combat, the anti-tank artillery of the APU will be vulnerable and will not become a major obstacle.

    Army aviation.

    During the time of the Minsk agreements, Ukraine was able to restore the army aviation a little. Now she is a group of 4 brigades (11 Obraa, 12 Obraa, 16 Obraa, 18 Obraa). Of which only two are complete, and two more brigades are named strictly conditionally, since it is difficult to call a team of 8-10 helicopters a brigade. Their main goal will be the removal of the wounded to the rear and the transfer of troops, to other tasks, what remains in Ukraine from AA is not capable of, and in the Supreme Armed Forces it is perfectly understood.

    Of the attack helicopters in Ukraine remained the early modifications of MI-24 and multi-purpose MI-8. It is not a problem to repair the park, there are many hulls left, "Motor-Sich" issues fillings - a problem in the absence of new guidance and protection systems. As a matter of fact rubbish, which will be easily rendered by air defense of the Republics, when trying to use attack helicopters for their intended purpose.

    The Air Force.

    The basis of aviation in Ukraine is the MiG-29 and Su-27 fighters, which, due to their specificity, low efficiency in land warfare. It seems to me that Ukraine restored them and in case of possible collision with the RF Armed Forces. Of what the Republics can oppose is the 7 BrTs with the Su-24 and 299 BrTs with the Su-25 in service, which were reinforced by the L-39 combat training. In theory, fighters can be used to work on ground targets, but the efficiency of such flights will be very low. It is easier to create a unit of L-39 on the basis of the 203 educational brigade of the HUPS, which in Ukraine is still very much and massively thrown into battle.
    Whatever it was, aviation will be used, there is no doubt about it. And if the rumors about the transfer of X-27 missiles from the reserves of the Warsaw Treaty countries by the Western partners ( ... -nato.html), Ukrainian aircraft from a safe distance can make without Problems of air defense of the Republics.
    Of the negative is also the creation of the 383 individual regiment of the UAV. In principle, the APU UAVs have been used almost since the beginning of the war, but now they are not self-made modelers and toy quadrocopters belonging to volunteers, but a military unit that performs the tasks of reconnaissance and correction of artillery fire.

    Forces of special operations.

    In this concept, I collected a whole bunch of so-called. Special forces of Ukrainian troops. Actually, as such, there are no special forces in Ukraine, educated cadres in the majority lie in Donetsk and Lugansk airports and little by little in each boiler, and the marine infantry and combat swimmers for the most part now serve under contract to the RF Armed Forces. In principle, the losses are replenished, even several new units have been created, but you will not do a good specialist for a year. It is not enough to dial up duboloms with good physics, they need to be taught and taught for a long time and run around in hot spots. In this case, an ordinary Aydar or a pravosec will give one hundred points for any "spitznazivtsyu" from the GUR MO or the regiments of the SPN.
    Subversive raids and special operations will be, but they are unlikely to bring the desired result to Ukraine. Even in the conditions of the Minsk truce, this so-called Special forces manage to die in groups. Roughly speaking, in the Supreme Armed Forces now, instead of special forces, well-equipped infantry with a fairly good selection of personnel. If the ukra are not fools (and as practice shows they are not complete idiots), then in reconnaissance and for sabotage, groups from the DUK Right Sector and battalions like Aidar and Donbas will still be used.

    Highly mobile troops.
    The Classic Airborne Brigade in the Armed Forces remained exclusively 25 OVDBr, which brought all the combat-ready landing equipment (BMD, BTR-D, SAU "Nona", etc.). The rest of the landing are similar only to the color of the beret and Ponte. Of the 7 remaining brigades, 5 airborne assault (45 ODSSB, 46 OBSCHB, 79 ODSSB, 80 ODSSB and 95 ODSSB) and 2 airborne (81 OAEMBR and 82 OAEMBR), of which 82 OAEMBR reserve on the border with the Crimea.
    In fact, Ukraine's landing force is a good mobile reserve, capable of strengthening any sector of the front. Arms at them too at a level, in landing left the best samples of tanks and BDM, shooting and grenade cup discharges, equipment and special means. In addition, some brigades have their own squadrons of army aviation for the rapid transfer of landings.
    Naval Forces

    The fleet is unlikely to be used, firstly the ships are too small, and secondly not all of them can enter the Sea of ​​Azov; third, the passage through the Kerch Strait will inform the Republic about the composition of the grouping and the time will be ready for the meeting. So most likely the ships will not leave the ports of Odessa. True, there is a signal that Ukraine is actively seeking sponsorship in the form of ships to strengthen the Black Sea fleet (


    The enemy scrupulously repeats all his mistakes of 2014. Work on the mistakes of past years apparently did not take place at all - the canon became more people and more equipment. Actually, the quantity is the main trump card of modern APU, the group can easily sacrifice a dozen other BTG, so that the rest can pass through the blood puddles left by the People's Militia and the first wave of APU.
    Exemplary plans for an offensive in open access are (thanks to the morons from the officers of the APU), cards of the APU casting as well, to understand their exemplary behavior is not difficult. The main blows will be inflicted in the area of ​​Dokuchaevsk, to cut off the southern facade, in the area of ​​the Donetsk-Gorlovka highway and in the Debaltsevo district for encircling the Donetsk and Gorlovka agglomerations. In the direction of the LCN, positional battles will most likely be tied up in order to prevent the NM LNR from being nominated to help the DNR. Strikes will be inflicted by large forces with the support of tank brigades and aviation.
    Breakthroughs in such cases are inevitable, as is the loss of a number of key positions. But then, what I called a maneuver war - the most vulnerable place of today's APU will begin. With the correct use of reserves, the People's Militia will be able to easily cut out the stretched tails of the APU, cut the logistics and close individual grindings into compact boilers. But this will require:

    1) To exclude from the People's Militia the phenomenon of "dead souls".
    2) Create a reserve of people and technology.
    3) Collect the veterans of 2014, who have experience in cutting enemy logistics and sabotage activities. This, in turn, pulls for itself:
    A) Remove the puppets from the governments of the DLRN, replacing them with sensible officers and normal politicians.
    B) The summoned veterans should not be in any way included in the People's Militia, having legislated the notion of "militia".
    C. On the part of the Russian Federation, concrete steps will be required in the direction of recognition of the Republics.

    The combination of a good maneuvering structure of the militia and a technically equipped People's Militia, with the guidance of competent officers, completely eliminates the quantitative advantage of Ukraine, which will make it possible to repeat the summer-autumn of 2014. The question is whether this is done ...

    Of these 10 OGSHB brigades, after the withdrawal of 24 AIGs from Aidar and 46 from Donbass-Ukraine, they remain in Chernivtsi to protect the border with Romania and Hungary. 15 ОМБр, 60 ОМБр and 62 ОГПБр to prepare for blocking of border with Crimea.
    With the stock of technology, the situation is not very much, the basic storage bases were reduced even before the war, and the equipment was sold. At the moment in the bins of Ukraine there is a base in Rivne region with BTR-60, other bases are actively restoring the remnants of the Soviet heritage for the front.

    "There's no smoke without fire.", Georgy Zhukov


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    Re: Ukraine Military: Situation and Needs

    Post  d_taddei2 on Sun Aug 27, 2017 4:11 pm

    All Good Things Come to An End: Ukraine's Vast Soviet Tank Reserves Running Out

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    Re: Ukraine Military: Situation and Needs

    Post  d_taddei2 on Mon Oct 02, 2017 11:13 pm

    Officials have calculated that last week's massive fire at an ammunition depot in central Ukraine has caused $800 million in damage, destroying over a quarter more ammo than Kiev has used over the course of its three-year war with independence supporters in eastern Ukraine.

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    Re: Ukraine Military: Situation and Needs

    Post  Airman on Thu Oct 12, 2017 7:46 am

    Turkey's Aselsan inks $44M comms deal with Ukraine

    Turkey's leading defense company has signed a multi-million-dollar contract in Ukraine to supply communications systems, the firm said on Tuesday.  

    The contract for communications systems is worth $43.6 million, Aselsan said in a statement.  

    Deliveries under the agreement will be made in 2018, Aselsan added.  

    During a visit by Ukrainian Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman to Turkey in March, a memorandum of understanding between the Turkish Undersecretariat for Defense Industries (SSM) and the Ukrainian state industrial enterprise Ukroboronprom, was signed.  

    It was during the visit that Ukrainian state foreign trade enterprise Spets Techno Export was confirmed as the other partner in the Aselsan deal.  

    Another memorandum of understanding was signed between SSM and Ukroboronprom for the "development and production of aircraft and composite materials" at the 13th International Defense Industry Fair in May this year.  

    Turkish defense manufacturer Havelsan also signed a memorandum on joint radar production and development with Ukroboronprom in April.  President Recep Tayyip Erdogan visited Ukraine on Monday where he said discussions on improving business co-operation in military relations and defense industries had taken place.  

    Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said they enhanced their business alliance in the defense industry, aviation and space fields.  Turkish National Defense Minister Nurettin Canikli and Ukrainian Defense Minister Stepan Poltorak signed a cooperation protocol on Monday.  Turkey's Defense Industry Undersecretary Ismail Demir and Ukroboronprom Deputy Director General Volodymyr Kostrytskyy also signed an action plan, the same day.

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    Re: Ukraine Military: Situation and Needs

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