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    Project 877/636: Kilo class SSK


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    Re: Project 877/636: Kilo class SSK

    Post  KiloGolf on Wed Jan 24, 2018 2:45 am Suspect

    Fire At Russia's Vladivostok Submarine Base Sure Doesn't Look Like An "Exercise"

    Videos began emerging overnight of what appeared to be a sizable fire on the frigid water at Russia's submarine base in Vladivostok. Three separate angles show thick black smoke rising from a blaze burning among docked Kilo class diesel-electric attack submarines. Shortly after the videos appeared, Russian media said the fire was part of a "damage control exercise" according to the Russian Navy.

    Russia's semi-official news outlet TASS quoted the Russian Navy as stating:

    "Exercises to extinguish a fire on the pier using imitation were conducted on the territory of the connection of the Pacific Fleet submarines among the personnel... The personnel coped with the [fire] excellent."

    It's very hard to imagine that such a training event would include lighting one of your own submarines on fire, or at least igniting a fire right next to a cluster of submarines sitting vulnerable tied up to a pier.

    The thick black smoke and the way the surface of the water is burning as seen in the videos makes it look like a diesel fire. Maybe the blaze was touched off during fueling of one of the Kilo class submarines tied-up on the pier, or maybe there was a leak of some kind from the submarine's tanks.


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    Re: Project 877/636: Kilo class SSK

    Post  hoom on Tue Feb 13, 2018 4:52 am

    hoom wrote:Interesting that British media/RN don't seem to have made a big hoo-hah about it this time Suspect
    Didn't like being laughed at for making a big deal about escorting intercepting! a sub transiting openly on the surface?
    Oh boy and now we know why Laughing
    They didn't have any proper warships available -> sent a minesweeper & used military censorship to prevent the 'Free & Independant' UK media from reporting the fact until it became convenient to admit it during a big media Red Scare beat-up during leadup to the Budget trying to justify a huge Defense budget increase...

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