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    Russian Armed Forces tactics in Future conflicts


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    Re: Russian Armed Forces tactics in Future conflicts

    Post  Airbornewolf on Sun Apr 12, 2015 2:08 am

    Werewolf wrote:NATO does not even have logistics to deploy anything serious to eastern front, we had this discussion before. While Ukraine defacto is russia and the russians have no problem deploying much quicker and more forces through their own land with own AN-124 and via train. NATO forces in Europe are bound to each countries logistics, which are only concentrated in Germany in US hands only. Germany with our own logistics have been reported in 2012 that our logistics is exhausted from 6000 Soldiers in Afghanistan, Kosovo and other places while Germany relies on russian and ukrainian companies with our AN-124 to deploy german tanks, helicopters, infantry to afghanistan. Meaning the entire logistics will fall upon US and UK, while US has some capabilities for logistics they are pathetically low when facing such an opponent like Russia.

    i second this, NATO logistics are crippled today because of over-exhaustion and budget cuts. not to mention there are no more logistical reserves like ammunition and spare parts left to ferry to the front. Russia will eat any NATO forces for breakfast as they burn trough their initial ammo quickly in the opening engagements. Afghanistan and Iraq reduced the cold-war ammo stockpile to pretty much zero of NATO. from reliable sources i know the germans and dutch have only enough ammo to sustain an year of training. and in case of war. or any war purpose, the majority of EU NATO ammo is bought from Brasil. you dont seriously think they are going to supply ammo to NATO against their BRICS ally do you?.

    western media likes to portray such expensive logistical toys like the C-5 Galaxy or C-17 globemaster as some sort of demi-god of logistics. reality is, in foreign deployments what you see on airfields is Russian operated Illyushin's or Antonov's. in the field it breaks down to the MI-26 in Afghanistan by local russian contractors to ferry supplies for their affordability and capacity. i had to gaurd the damn things 3 hours a week in my tour because the mi 26 was too big to land on our FOB but we REALLY needed its cargo of spare parts, ammo and water. prior to my tour i was told "russian equipment is inferior and etc etc". but my opinion of that turned 180 when i witnessed our dependency of that "inferior" gear up close. its not as shiny as an blackhawk, but Russian hardware out there got us our supplies and hardware where NATO logistical aircraft failed.

    and in this question, there is no doubt in my mind the Russian logistics will wipe out Nato's. logistically speaking,

    ask an question about actual combat readiness and Morale within NATO EU forces and its catastrophic, elements within EU NATO are more likely to target american forces in the event of an full scale confrontation with Russia than Russians for one example. thats mostly an legacy because the yanks dragged us to Afghanistan to assist them in their double-standards and biased foreign wars where the average EU soldier like myself started hating american foreign policy, recklessnes and disregard the average U.S soldier shows for human life.

    propably what lighted that view of seeing the U.S as the "enemy" is their support of the Kiev Nazi government. media scensorship is nice, but anyone with a few braincells can go to the internet nowadays and look up alternative media sources for their side of the story. for example, one that obviously is a pain to the ass of state-clown John Kerry being Russia Today.

    my grandfather died fighting the Nazi's on the Greppeberg, basically an futile attempt to resist the german army but still. he died there fighting against an SS assault and i deeply respect his sacrifice just like the Russian soldiers did against Fascism and where it will lead to if not resisted. and so a lot of EU soldiers have fammily's that lost relatives against the Nazi's. it stirs a deep hatred towards that U.S policy. also, while its trying it utmost best to paint the Russia as the enemy it mostly has the opposite effect. most of "us" EU troops that went to Afghanistan/iraq returned home with a lot of resentment where the NATO commander, the U.S.A had total control did some very nasty things. and we all where just servants to them to reach their goal. personally, i will hate them for it every day in my life. there are no excuses to blow up an fammily of 30 people with kids and women into low-earth orbit while a couple of snipers would have done the job like we intended to and there was no pressure. "who cares?, they are just afghans. give 'em a few dollars and they are happy". this yank told us afterwards. but hey, "shock and awe!". thats one example, there where more instances "we" had to clean up bodyparts and body's because of U.S incompetence and sheer disregard of human life. of course, im not holy or anything. but i really try my best to honour my conscience. and the majority of that U.S scum should be dragged to Hague's criminal court for lacking any shred of humanity or moral standards.

    there is an deep growing sentiment within EU forces like France, Germany, Dutch, Czech's and Slovaks, spaniards among others that the U.S is trying to start an proxy war between NATO and Russia in Europe. solely to prevent the Germans to align with Russia economically and politically. and propably bringing with it the rest of europe integrating with the Euroasian sphere of influence.

    what the U.S is forgetting is "we" Europeans here all live together closely on the same continent and went trough two world wars and never want something like it ever again. the White House might scream fire when it comes to Russia. their EU poodles in Brussels might beat the wardrums too. but the EU army?. dont count on it, at the least they are immobilized by breakdown of command and authority if it comes to open war with russia.


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    Re: Russian Armed Forces tactics in Future conflicts

    Post  Godric on Thu Apr 30, 2015 9:20 pm

    more to the point the most advanced tank any Nato country has faced in combat is the T-72M1 the export version of the T-72A minus composite armour and reactive armor and they haven't faced any country with a advanced and well organised Air Defense system never mind a competent Airforce

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    Re: Russian Armed Forces tactics in Future conflicts

    Post  GarryB on Sat May 02, 2015 9:42 am

    Not to mention the fact that moving a few S-400 units to the border inside Russia would cover most of the Ukrainian airspace...

    Allowing a conflict there would be stupid as it could easily escalate out of control... any perceived benefit on either side is simply not worth it.

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    Russian Armed Forces tactics in Future conflicts

    Post  Dima on Tue May 05, 2015 6:32 pm

    Walther von Oldenburg wrote:I think of a similar scenerio to the one in Combat Mission: Black Sea (may God bless the developers Wink) It's a purely conventional war so don't talk about mutual destruction.

    The situation looks like this - As a result of a failed Ukrainian spring offensive (Cool) Novorussian army starts a counter-attack and recovers Kramatorsk and Sloviansk as well as captures Kharkov, Mariupol and Zaporozhye Ukrainian army suffers such heavy casualties that it's finished as a fighting force. US is pissed off and being afraid of losing influence in Ukraine, it decides to send US Army into Eastern Ukraine and fight together with Poland to recapture the lost lands ( as other major NATO countries refuse to deploy any forces)..Soon joint US-Polish forces deploy into Ukraine and 2-3 weeks later they start the operation. Russia subsequently deploys it's own forces.

    The forces looks as follows:
    US: 1 armored division, 3 mechanized infantry divisions, several Navy Seals platoons, several dozen fighter and bomber aircraft
    Poland: 1 armored brigade (Leo2A5), 2 mechanized brigades, various commando units, 48 F-16, some Mi-24s

    Russia: Army and VDV units, some SU-27s and Mig-29s, Su-25s, various AD forces, various commando units.

    Would Russia actually be able to repell such a force with forces no more than 50% bigger than NATO ones?
    My view on such a conflict is 'simple' and as stated earlier in another thread.. I would like to see such a head on collision only when the Russian Navy is up and running. Coz I don't like to fight a battle limited to my backyard and would like to strike far and strike sure and live to fight another day!

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    Re: Russian Armed Forces tactics in Future conflicts

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