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    Russian Naval Shipbuilding Industry: News


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    Re: Russian Naval Shipbuilding Industry: News

    Post  kvs on Mon Apr 02, 2018 4:42 am

    Hole wrote:Easy to explain, ZoA.
    Price for India: 770 Mio. Bucks.
    Price for Russia: 206 Mio. Bucks.

    Actually getting the product out of the shipyard is the best choice for any company. Taking 50% longer to
    complete it is not going save the company money, it will cost it more by delaying higher priced production.
    The point is that these companies want infinite profits. One of the key drivers of inflation is greed. In
    the case of the USA the corporate parasites get what they want and the country gets the Zumwalt, an
    overpriced non-functional POS.

    A new economic model is needed. Not total state control and not total private (oligarch) control. European
    socialism is not it. Prices need to be regulated in a tough way and profits need to be marginal. The mythical
    free market is actually the limiting regime where many competitors make nearly zero profit. Of course in the
    real world there is no free market but oligopolistic and quasi-monopoly consolidation. This economic regime
    is not legitimate.


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    Re: Russian Naval Shipbuilding Industry: News

    Post  Hole on Mon Apr 02, 2018 11:47 am

    The United shipbuilding Company is state owned. The problem is the Russian Navy doesn´t have an infinite amount of money. And they got a lot of programmes running, all sorts of ships and submarines. More than 100 are being build, fitted out or tested. Most other countries have three or four programmes. Englang has build one carrier and a few destroyers in the last years. Nothing else. No frigates or submarines. In the next years they will spend most of their money on new SSBN´s.


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    Russian navy shipbuilding industry, news

    Post  kumbor on Mon Apr 02, 2018 1:22 pm

    Hole wrote:The United shipbuilding Company is state owned. The problem is the Russian Navy doesn´t have an infinite amount of money. And they got a lot of programmes running, all sorts of ships and submarines. More than 100 are being build, fitted out or tested. Most other countries have three or four programmes. Englang has build one carrier and a few destroyers in the last years. Nothing else. No frigates or submarines. In the next years they will spend most of their money on new SSBN´s.

    I`d rather not say a word about Royal Navy. Their rate of shrinking is appaling, and they can not defend even their domestic waters, not to say about some area of north Atlantic. Russian navy has too much programs in course, so the delays are obvious. Possible that 11356 program of frigates for black sea fleet will end with 3, not 6 ships!

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    Re: Russian Naval Shipbuilding Industry: News

    Post  George1 on Wed Apr 11, 2018 6:43 pm

    Interview with the General Director of PJSC "Baltic Shipyard" Yantar "

    The TASS agency published an interesting interview with the general director of PJSC Baltic Shipyard Yantar Eduard Efimov.

    One of the most famous "long-term construction" of the Russian Navy - the large amphibious ship "Ivan Gren" - is planning to hand over to the customer this spring. This year shipbuilders of the Baltic Shipyard "Yantar" will have to hand over another such "paratrooper" and a specialized research vessel to the military. About whether Yantar will be able to build prospective frigates and amphibious ships and whether the second troika of project 11356 patrols will be completed for the Russian Navy, Eduard Efimov, General Director of PSZ, said in an interview with TASS.

    - Since the laying of the large landing ship "Ivan Gren" has passed almost 14 years. Why is this ship so unlucky?

    "This ship has a difficult destiny: it began to be designed in the last century, it was built in 2004, and in 2010 the construction was suspended due to lack of financing. It continued in 2014. Throughout these years, the customer has repeatedly changed the technical requirements for the ship.

    The imprint on the creation of "Ivan Gren" was imposed by the fact that the project was created in the 1990s. That is why during its construction in the last two years a lot of design issues arose. I had to make some amendments to the draft, but now, in my opinion, all the right solutions have been found.

    In principle, this ship is not bad by itself. In comparison with the projects created in the Soviet era, with the ships that are now serving their time, he took a step forward in the capacity of landing and equipment. It is equipped with modern radio engineering, weapon systems.

    In early April, "Ivan Gren" began the final phase of state trials. We plan to finish them by mid-April, carry out an audit, final finishing and in May transfer this large amphibious ship to the Russian Navy.

    - Are there examples when such "long-term" in the end simply left for scrap?

    - For our plant, it may be said, it's a matter of honor - to complete this ship. "Squeeze" it and hand it over to the Navy. I note: do not "shove", as some believe, but solve all the problems that arose on this ship - design, technological and other. And this experience, acquired with great difficulty, I believe, will be taken into account when designing such ships.

    - How is the construction of the second ship of this series going?

    - With "Peter Morgunov" it is much faster, but the technical problems that arose on the main ship, could not but affect the construction of the second. To date, all the flaws are taken into account. In principle, the construction of the ship is very good, we plan to launch it in May, and our company plans to hand it over to the Navy this year, in accordance with the contract. We are committed to this by making every effort. Despite the fact that the delays associated with solving technical issues, still were.

    - What amphibious ships are planned to build further?

    - The ships of such a project as 11711 will be only two - "Ivan Gren" and "Peter Morgunov." As far as I know, the plans of the Ministry of Defense, the Navy - the construction of new projects, and now there are several options for "paratroopers" of various displacement, which are developed by design bureaus. On which way to go - choose the fleet, and I think that it will definitely be ships of a larger displacement than the "Ivan Gren".

    - If the Ministry of Defense orders the Yantar series of new "paratroopers", in what period can they be built?

    - If we talk about large amphibious ships, our production capacities and technological capabilities will allow us to build, probably, a series of six ships, and at the final stage of construction, one or two ships a year. Theoretically, the main ship will be built four to five years, and the serial - three to four years. That is, the construction of a series of six ships will take about eight years. It should be taken into account that the serial efficiency of the enterprise is much higher. Hence, serial orders are more profitable for us and for the customer.

    - On the "Yantar" three more shells of the project guards project 11356 are standing. What will happen to them?

    - To date, we continue to have a contract with the Ministry of Defense of Russia to build a series of six ships 11356, it has not been canceled. The first three ships we handed over to the fleet are Admiral Grigorovich, Admiral Essen and Admiral Makarov. The three remaining ships have fully formed hulls, they are sealed and are on the water. However, according to the decision of the military department, their construction has been suspended. The question of the future fate of the second three is decided by the customer.

    - Hull of ships during this time will not rust? And what is the readiness of these in percentages?

    - We took all the necessary measures: the ship is on the water, but outside its body is painted, inside the whole underwater part is not only painted, but also isolated - everything is as it should be in technology. This is a normal state, and rust is not terrible for them. It is clear that for 10 or 20 years their condition would not improve. But two or three years they will stand quietly.

    The first and second ships are now ready for about 40%, the readiness of the third - about 30%. Of these three, two were officially laid, and the final series of the ship did not have time to lay. Meanwhile, they were given the names "Admiral Kornilov", "Admiral Butakov" and "Admiral Istomin".

    - When the construction is resumed, will the contract have to be remodeled somehow?

    - No, we have a valid contract, there is only an indefinite notice of the suspension of construction. In addition, there is a signed additional agreement, according to which the deadlines for the delivery of these ships were transferred to 2020 and 2021. If we get the engines in 2019, then this is a very realistic time-frame.

    - What is the ratio of civil and military orders to "Yantar" now?

    - Our task is to achieve the ratio of civil orders and orders of the Defense Ministry in the next three years at the level of 40 to 60%. Now approximately 80% are state defense orders and 20% of civil orders. For example, we are implementing the first contract for the construction of three trawler-seiners for the Lenin Fisheries Collective Farm named after Lenin from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. The contract was concluded in January 2016, the first ship we will give in the autumn of this year, and the next two - in the first half of 2019.

    In the near future we plan to replenish the portfolio of civil orders, we are negotiating with potential customers. It is still early to name specific companies, but I can say that they are also fishermen. We offer them products that are similar to the one we are currently producing.

    - Is work highly influenced by sanctions?

    - If we talk about the civilian segment and, in particular, about the trawlers, then we did not experience any special problems when carrying out this contract. Although the share of foreign suppliers in the total volume of the contract is about 60%. This is all the main equipment - diesel generators, main engines, gear maintenance equipment - winches, drums, refrigeration equipment. We have no problems signing contracts, and now foreign suppliers fulfill their obligations.

    - Did the customer choose the Norwegian project of the seiner?

    - There is such a thing as the maker's list - the customer of the courts determines the composition of the main equipment. He had seen all this in advance, he had certain wishes for those firms with which we subsequently contracted.

    - In Russia there are no similar projects?

    - There are domestic manufacturers of basic equipment. But we must admit that while the level of quality of their products does not reach the level of foreign manufacturers.

    - With whom it is easier to work - with foreign or domestic suppliers?

    - We have a certain experience of cooperation with both foreign and Russian suppliers. There are, of course, problems with domestic supplies, but there are foreign partners with whom we no longer want to work. I believe that with increasing the quality of domestic products, shipbuilders will certainly be more interesting and easier to work with. Especially in the current conditions.

    - Do you plan to build anything other than civil utility vehicles?

    - In addition to the trawler-seiners, which we have already mastered, Yantar has experience in building ferries, oceanographic and experimental vessels. This is technically complex, saturated with various equipment ships, but for us this is quite understandable work. Therefore, we are looking for potential partners in these areas.

    - What is the load of the enterprise now? What size ships can build?

    - The production program was formed until 2021, for the next three to four years. The download for this period is close to 100%. To date, it is about 80%. We are working on obtaining new contracts, which are already included in the prospective production program. We continue to work for the next five to seven years.

    There are certain restrictions on the construction of ships and vessels at our shipyard - production capacity allows you to build ships of different types with a displacement of up to 12-14 thousand tons. The length of the vessel should not exceed 160 meters, and the width - 28 meters. Otherwise, we just will not let you down

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    Re: Russian Naval Shipbuilding Industry: News

    Post  George1 on Sat Apr 21, 2018 5:34 am

    The annual accounting report of JSC Zelenodolsky Plant for 2017

    "There's no smoke without fire.", Georgy Zhukov

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    Re: Russian Naval Shipbuilding Industry: News

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