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    Russian Air Force numbers and procurement plans


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    Re: Russian Air Force numbers and procurement plans

    Post  George1 on Thu Feb 08, 2018 11:25 pm

    Yes you are right. There are in process 2 big contracts to be signed in 2018, one for Yak-130 and one for Su-30SMs.

    "As for Yak-130 planes, ninety-two are already operating. We have plans to buy more. We will discuss a long-term contract. We plan to sign it this year," he said, adding that a big contract for Su-30SM planes will be signed under the state armaments program.


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    Re: Russian Air Force numbers and procurement plans

    Post  miketheterrible on Thu Feb 08, 2018 11:42 pm

    I believe Su-35 as well.

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    Re: Russian Air Force numbers and procurement plans

    Post  AMCXXL on Fri Feb 09, 2018 12:40 am

    miketheterrible wrote:I believe Su-35 as well.
    not necessarily now
    In 2018 are necesary the Su-30SM and the Yak-130 as productions cannot stop.
    Also MiG-35 contract is necesary for start serial production soon.The Su-57 probably will start serial production of first batch in 2019.
    Su-34 will end contract in 2019 and Su-35 in 2020, so at the moment it is not in a hurry to sign new contracts, although the total number will be planned in SAP 2018-2027

    This year will be received 40 combat aircrafts:
    16 SU-34 ?
    10 Su-35
    14 SU-30SM

    Next years the numbers will increase slightly with the new MiG-35 and Su-57.
    Also Su-35S procurement will be increased after China received all the 24 Su-35, while Su-34 probably will be lower when Algeria receive their airplanes
    In 10 years of sustained production, about 450 or 500 new combat aircraft can be manufactured for Russian Ministry of Defence, without great efforts

    The contract for the first 12 serial Su-57 fighters of the installation batch will be concluded in 2018
    Deputy Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation Yury Borisov during his visit to the Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aircraft Plant named after Yu.A. Gagarin (KnAAZ) of Sukhoi Company, said that in 2018 a contract will be signed for the delivery of the installation lot of the fifth generation of Su-57 fighters created under the PAK FA program. "We will first contract the first squadron - 12 aircraft," - specified Borisov.
    According to Borisov, the first two planes from this party can enter the troops already in 2019. He added that earlier in the framework of development work on the PAK FA, 12 machines were manufactured, 10 of which are actively involved in flight tests.
    "We are taking the Su-57 already for the experimental-combat operation, and the state tests of the first stage are over," Borisov said.
    Answering the question about the work on the new engine for the PAK FA, the defense secretary said: "It's hard to judge, because we had just one flight." It's all OK, but you understand, it's a test complex, you have to fly a long time.As a rule, such tests last two or three years. "
    Also, when visiting KnAAZ, Yuri Borisov said that in 2018 the plant will produce 10 new Su-35 fighters for the Russian Defense Ministry and will modernize six Su-27 aircraft to the level of the CM-3.
    The aircraft of the installation lot, according to known information, must be made in the technical face of the experienced fighters T-50-9 / T-50-11 and equipped with engines of the type "117". Presumably, after the production of this installation lot, within the framework of the adopted State Arms Program for 2018-2027, a new contract for the production of 12-15 Su-57 aircraft of the installation batch in the form of the "second stage" should be followed, with the "engine 30" fitted with a prospective engine. Actual full-scale production of Su-57 fighters for equipping the linear parts of the Russian military spacecraft will apparently be carried out in the shape of the "second stage" after 2027.

    So it seems large scale production , will be after the production of Su-35, as logical
    No sense to produce all airplanes at same time.


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    Re: Russian Air Force numbers and procurement plans

    Post  George1 on Sat Feb 10, 2018 1:24 pm

    miketheterrible wrote:I believe Su-35 as well.

    10 x Sukhoi-35S and 6 x upgraded Su-27SM3 to be transferred to the Russian MoD from Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aircraft Plant (KnAAZ) in 2018:

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    Re: Russian Air Force numbers and procurement plans

    Post  eehnie on Tue Feb 13, 2018 2:24 am

    AMCXXL wrote:
    Kimppis wrote:Well, I think his numbers for 2027 are generally accurate, especially when it comes to tactical aircraft. I and AMCXXL have come to very similar conclusions on this very forum.

    Are you saying that they are only going to order Su-57s after 2018/20? That Russia is going to stop buying additional Su-35s and Su-34s, in particular? Why? How?  

    All the remaining planes are going to be replaced by Su-57s? That they're going to somehow order more than a squadron worth of Su-57s annually?

    1. keep in mind that Russia didn't order more than a hundred Su-35s between 2010 and 2020, so how many Su-57 could they possibly have in 2030? and 2. that Su-57 is Russia's F-22, not F-35, there were never any plans to procure more than 200-250 of them for the RuAF.  

    Russia will continue buying Su-34 , Su-35 and Su-30SM in the same rates that now (aproximately)
    Russia will buy every year at least one squadron of Su-35 and Su-34 until Su-27 and SU-24 are totally replaced.
    In the case of Su-30SM about 20 airplanes/year for VVS and Navy
    For 2020 the most of soviet not-modernized combat airplanes shuold be replaced (Su-27, Mig-29,Su-24) or modernized (MiG-31 , Su-25)
    Only a few MiG-29 (mainly two seaters of instruction units) and the Su-24MR will continue in service after 2020 , waiting for replacement of MiG-35 and Su-34M

    The Su-57 Project is still green. For 2020 only 12 airplanes and after that low rates of purchases, not more of 8-10 per year for at least ane dozen of years
    In adition Rusia cannot buy all the airplanes they need in 10 years. The VVS rearming is a long-term planning of at least 20 years
    Su-57 is not a priority rigth now, but it is a neccesary step for 6º generation. I dont think that finally Russia will purchase more of 4 or 5 regiments
    You ony have to think that USA has 160 really full-equiped F-22

    I think this is a preview that leads to a total production of Fighters (FAS and FMR) significantly higher than what can be expected as average production for the following years and in the long term.

    In order to create not expectations about a level of produciton that would not be near the reality, somethings about projections for the long term must be explained. You can read about it here:

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    Re: Russian Air Force numbers and procurement plans

    Post  AMCXXL on Wed Feb 14, 2018 1:53 pm
    In 2018, the Russian army will receive 18 Su-34
    Deliveries will be made by the Novosibirsk plant.
    Until the end of 2018, the Russian army will receive 18 Su-34 fighter-bombers.
    This was stated by Deputy Defense Minister Yury Borisov: "We have a long contract with the Novosibirsk plant - the manufacturer, and the number of the last one is the same. It should have been 16, it will be 18, "RNS agency quotes him. Earlier it was reported that the Russian army would receive the Drel airbomb, as well as hypersonic missiles in the framework of the new weapons program

    Then , the number of combat airplanes to produce in 2018 by Russian Aerospace Industry:

    18 Su-34 (Enough for complete the Chelyabisnk regiment)
    14 Su-30SM  (Also other 4 for Belarus, 4 ? for Kazhalstan , and perhaps 2 Su-30SME for Burma/Myanmar, totalling 24 ? produced by IAPO)
    10 Su-35S (Also 10 SU-35 for China that ends the contract of 24 with that country, totalling 20 produced by KnAAPO)

    The total number of 42 is according with the numbers last year.
    About MiG-35 it is still not clear of in 2018 will start the procurement to the tropos, as the announced contract is still not signed

    About modernizations, were announced:
    6 Su-27SM(3) that will complete the Krymsk regiment
    13 MiG-31BM that probably will end the modernization BM
    For the moment it s not clear if will be more Su-25SM(3) , despite was announced more Su-25SM(3) for the east regiments

    Also, still are pending to send to the homebase 16 Su-25SM(3) produced last two years and flying in Kubinka since november.
    Also about half a dozen of MiG-31BM are pending to fly to Perm regiment, of the production of 23 in announced in 2017

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    Re: Russian Air Force numbers and procurement plans

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