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    Countries military expenditures in contrast to military power


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    Countries military expenditures in contrast to military power

    Post  henriksoder on Sat Nov 21, 2015 7:33 pm

    — World total
    1 United States United States 581.0 3.0
    2 China China 129.4 1.2
    3 Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia 80.8 10.7
    4 Russia Russia 70.0 3.7
    5 United Kingdom United Kingdom 61.8 2.1
    6 France France 53.1 1.8
    7 Japan Japan 47.7 1.0
    8 India India 45.2 2.2
    9 Germany Germany 43.9 1.1
    10 South Korea South Korea 34.4 2.4
    11 Brazil Brazil 31.9 1.3
    12 Italy Italy 24.3 1.1
    13 Israel Israel 23.2 7.4
    14 Australia Australia 22.5 1.5
    15 Iraq Iraq 18.9 8.5

    A list from Wikipedia of countries military expenditures, the number to the rights is the percent of GDP of military expenditures. Russia Army is the most powerful military in the world today. It can conquer and beat US and China and it is kind of harder to beat China than US for Russia. Russia Army military expenditures will even be 93,7 millions dollars or something 2016-2017. I think it kind seems funny that Saudi Arabia has a such huge military budget, but their military must be equal to like maybe England, or France or Japan. China kind of seems to have a stronger military than US for the moment, they can maybe beat US navy and can beat US land force also, but it should not be easily done. United Kingdom should have a more a littel more powerful military than France, and Japan dosen't seems so strong although, even though their big GDP of the country. Germany seems to be able to have a military equal to their proportionally military budget. North- and south korea seems to be able to organize hugh amount of above all soldiers and not a likely hugh amount of military vechiles, aircrafts and navy and so on. Italy and Israel seems competent in military power. What is your opinion about the world's military? Any interesting facts of other aspects of a likely battelfield in military power in the world?


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    Re: Countries military expenditures in contrast to military power

    Post  Werewolf on Sat Nov 21, 2015 8:38 pm

    No super power can beat another Super Power nor can they sustain an attack to even have wet dreams about it.

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    Re: Countries military expenditures in contrast to military power

    Post  kvs on Sat Nov 21, 2015 9:01 pm

    The current Russian force deployment and capacity is not geared to conquest. It is geared to defense. That is why
    Russia has not spent vast amounts of money on aircraft carriers and bases around the world. Russia has no dreams
    of invading the EU and the USA. That is just a rabid NATO propaganda myth designed to scare the sheeple and make
    more money for the welfare queens known as defense contractors.

    But you can tell from the spending numbers that comparing dollar amounts is meaningless. Saudi Arabia is a Mickey Mouse
    banana republic. Full stop.

    In terms of real world (aka physical) presence of the Russian military it is comparable to that of the USA, probably around
    the 70% level. The US is actually spending money on behalf of the EU, which is its imperial protectorate so one has to be
    careful in how one counts the money. I think NATO should treated as a single military entity and the full NATO military
    budget should be compared to stand-alone countries like Russia and China.

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    Re: Countries military expenditures in contrast to military power

    Post  Regular on Sun Nov 22, 2015 5:33 pm

    Russia can conquer US? Or other way around?
    You know that US and Russia are not landlocked to eachother?
    And they have MAD weapons?
    And they have plenty of civilians who would fight for each inch of their country?

    But you can tell from the spending numbers that comparing dollar amounts is meaningless. Saudi Arabia is a Mickey Mouse
    banana republic. Full stop.
    Was saying this for ages. It's their mentality too.
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    Australia Defence Budget

    Post  crod on Thu Feb 25, 2016 3:33 am

    Australia will embark on a decade-long surge in weaponry and military forces to defend its land, sea, skies and space from Asia's rapidly growing military forces.

    Key points:
    •Australia ratchets up military spending in response to rising tensions in Asia
    •Spending up by nearly $30 billion
    •Climate change and terrorism also listed as threats
    •Defence spending will rise even if GDP falls

    The 2016 Defence White Paper maps a course towards a total of $195 billion in defence capability or equipment by 2020-21, together with a larger military force of 62,400 personnel, the largest in a quarter of a century.

    When Defence planners get it wrong

    The Defence White Paper comes with a big sales pitch, but past editions have often missed the mark, writes Greg Jennett.
    Joining an Asian-region mini arms race, the White Paper promises 12 submarines to be built at a cost of more than $50 billion between 2018-2057.

    However, maintenance costs will push that $50 billion budget much higher.

    Navy will scoop a quarter of all new spending on capability, with nine new anti-submarine warfare frigates and 12 offshore patrol vessels.

    The RAAF will build up two fleets of drones while also bringing its eventual fleet of 75 Joint Strike Fighters online.

    The Army will claim 18 per cent of all extra spending on equipment, buying armed drones, new protected vehicles to transport troops, helicopters for special forces and a long-range rocket system.

    Underscoring a sense of urgency to the renewal of Australia's defence power, the Government is aiming to build spending up to 2 per cent of GDP by 2020/21 — earlier than previously promised — representing an overall increase of $29.9 billion.

    Defence officials have told the ABC the White Paper reflects Australia's "growing discomfort" with China's military activity.

    Read the Defence White Paper

    Climate change and terrorism listed as threats

    Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said the Government was committed to the "significant increase in spending" due to regional challenges as well as the threat from climate change and terrorism, among other issues.

    The factoring in of climate change was not planned under the Abbott Government.

    "In the next two decades, half the world's submarines and at least half the world's advanced combat aircraft will be operating in the Indo-Pacific region, in our region, and this complicates the outlook for our security and strategic planning," Mr Turnbull said.

    "We would be concerned if the competition for influence and the growth in military capability were to lead to instability and threaten Australia's interests, whether in the South China Sea, the Korean peninsula or further afield.We have a strong, vital, vested interest in the maintenance of peace, stability and respect for the rule of law."

    The language of the White Paper points to a realisation that Australia needs to increase the "potency and agility" of its forces in the face of rising wealth and power in Asia, coupled with the strategic tension already arising between China and the United States.

    "Territorial disputes … have created uncertainty and tension in our region," the White Paper notes.
    Ahead of the release of the Defence White Paper, Malcolm Turnbull said "under Labor, defence spending as a share of GDP dropped to its lowest level since 1938". Fact Check investigates.

    "Some matters that previous defence white papers have described as long-term issues, such as the impact of modernisation in our region, now fall to this White Paper to respond to."

    Australia continues to throw its military lot in with the United States, assessed to "remain the pre-eminent global power over the next two decades".

    The White Paper aims to deepen Australia's alliance with America, including the relocation of a US spy telescope known as an "optical space surveillance telescope" to Exmouth in Western Australia.

    On the path to building defence funding up to 2 per cent of GDP, the Government will also "de-couple" its spending on the military from the general health of the economy, so that even if growth slows, defence will still get its 2 per cent share.

    US Ambassador to Australia John Berry described the White Paper as a "well-considered, comprehensive approach to addressing evolving security challenges of the coming decades".

    "As allies, we welcome the Government's sustained investment in defence capabilities and readiness and its support for rules-based international order," he said.

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    Re: Countries military expenditures in contrast to military power

    Post  George1 on Thu Mar 02, 2017 10:27 am

    The military budget of the Federal Republic of Germany for the first time since 1945 has surpassed French and will grow further

    "There's no smoke without fire.", Georgy Zhukov

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    Re: Countries military expenditures in contrast to military power

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