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    Russia–Serbia Partnership



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    Re: Russia–Serbia Partnership

    Post  Nettler7 on Wed Apr 19, 2017 9:41 am

    Prince Darling wrote:
    Serbian side is labeled as criminals while massive crimes committed by other participants are ignored, whitewashed and swept under a carpet.

    That's true, but still I think by any objective measure - the Bosniaks were the victims in this conflict; their country was divided like a roast Tukrey between Croatia and Serbia, masses of people were forced from their homes, bombarded or put into camps where they starved to death.

    I could go on for 10 pages like this but instead I will ask you one thing:

    Bosnia wasnt owned by Muslims, they tried to take over the entire country, not to mention illegal seccession which needed the go ahead of all three constitutional nations.
    People tend to asume ownership rights for Bosniaks (a term invented in the 1960s) because its a derivaton of the word Bosnia

    FIRST to get a feeling where we go with this story and what is the depth of the story itself:
    Milosevic's gained power at the end of 1980-ies and very beginning of 1990-ies.
    For your information, Milosevic was no one in Politics when Albanians in Kosovo were terrorists and separatists.
    In 1981 they organized separatist referendum ASKING for Kosovo Republic,..notice, they did not ask for more rights, better conditions of living or what not,..but for the they can separate.
    Where was Milosevic than???
    Milosevic is direct product of Shiptars(Kosovar Albanians) , who had RPG'd school buses, constantly attacking Serbs' population in Kosovo, threatening them and their families for decades before, killing from ambush regular Yugoslav army soldiers, going on political demonstrations by pushing women and children in the first line and shooting at the Police behind those women and children,.. far BEFORE Milosevic.
    When these events occurred, Milosevic DID NOT EXIST IN POLITICS ,..he was a banker in the US at that time
    In Bosnia, the same man Alija Izetbegovic who During World War II, when Bosnia was part of the Nazi puppet state known as the Independent State of Croatia, Izetbegovic joined an Islamic organization called the "Young Muslims"(Mladi Muslimani), part of Nazi Waffen-SS Handschar Division!,..
    He(Izetbegovic) was the first President of Bosnia and Herzegovina later in 90-ies, and 1983 was on trial for Islamic Fundamentalism, and found guilty for spreading that fundamentalism among Bosnia Muslims. Wrote even the book called Islamic Declaration(1970), where he stated that "no- Muslims can not have the same rights as Muslims in Sheri-at(Islamic government) of the new Islamic State, and that Islamic State with all of its Islamic-Laws, must be proclaimed and "forced into power", the very same moment Muslim population in that country goes majority and over 50%"!
    +++Please, in that same book (Islamic Declaration from 1970 by Alija Izetbegovic), will find the VERY SAME philosophy, aspirations and fundament on what ISIS state exist +++
    Where was Milosevic than???

    So you see,..all those stories "about Milosevic" are the pure propaganda. Someone on Serbian side to blame. Those fascists, terrorists and separatists as the problem, existed far before Milosevic politically existed
    Srebrenica is PR campaign!
    West needed MANDATE to bomb the Serbs and months "before" Srebrenica Clinton stated to Izetbegovic(Muslim leader) : "We need 5000 Muslim victims"
    Srebrenica is a set up!
    As is set up that chemical bombing of Assad in Syria for US mandate to be return behind negotiation table among Russia, Turkey, Syria and Iran"

    Those Muslim forces  by thousand were hiding in UN PROTECTION ZONE of Srebrenica for year and a half,..nightly getting out and pillaging, killing and raping among Serbian villages around Srebrenica. As YOU KNOW to have status "UN PROTECTION ZONE" one bullet shouldn't be inside that zone, let alone several thousand ARMED mujaheddins who are conducting military actions from that zone and IN PROCESS KILLING 3500 Serbian civilians AROUND Srebrenica.
    Yes,..Serbian soldiers killed many,..but all old, women and children were spared NOT even close that number that they are speaking about!
    AFTER, Muslims(called BOSNIAKS, or BOSNIANS from 1992) started un-digging their KIA soldiers and civilians on various locations and started them pilling up as SREBRENICA VICTIMS


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    Re: Russia–Serbia Partnership

    Post  Nettler7 on Wed Apr 19, 2017 10:02 am

    cheesfactory wrote:Vucic is the greatest shame of Serbia of the past 10 years. When he was on serbian graves to put flowers for the killed Serbs in RS or RSK? I can write here names of hundreds of massacred friends, brothers and sisters. He is the greatest traitor in history of serbs. They should kill him today, this assfucked slave of Obama/Merkel. I wish this everyday to this degenerate!

    Oh boy, are so plain stupid and lier too


    I just want to warn all discussants that huge mass of so called "bosniaks" and Croatians are rampaging over Internet, representing themselves as Serbs,...searching and trolling all topics related to Serbs.
    Add to that all George Sorosh paid a-holes, with a 'touch' of "plain stupid brain dildos",...and trust me, cant even imagine in what environment Serbs are living their lives every day!

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    Re: Russia–Serbia Partnership

    Post  Nettler7 on Wed Apr 19, 2017 10:11 am

    flamming_python wrote:
    PapaDragon wrote:
    flamming_python wrote:
    But I think there are many other ways that Russia can help Serbia other than vetoing this resolution.

    For starters, trying to lobby for recognition of others crimes against Serbs, and coming up with its own resolutions.
    And also trying to move the ex-Yugoslav region towards reconcilliation;

    Russia burning bridges with other Balkan nations would not help anything

    -Don't really see how

    -Any resolution by Russia will be automatically vetoed by USA & Co

    -I don't think that there are any bridges there to begin with (in other former YU republics that is....)

    Think of it this way:

    Serbia refused to impose sanctions on Russia. This would just be Russia returning the favour.

    Like I said, I can see your logic - I just don't think your line of thinking would lead to any good results. Serbian diplomacy has really suffered if the best they can think of is fuming in the corner against the 'victors' (i.e. everyone else in the Balkans), backed up by its only friend - Russia, and snapping its jaws at every piece of bait that the Brits throw against it.

    They have you exactly where they want you; angry, cornered and willing to get into yet another row with your neighbours.

    Serbia needs to break its isolation in the Balkans. Go for the Judo approach - add to the energy of the blow that an opponent throws against you - and turn it against them.

    Instead of vetoing a resolution; a smarter idea would be to try and amend it, or propose a suite of resolutions addressing everyone's greviences.
    Even accepting the resolution as it is, would actually be a better move than outright vetoing it.

    What, will "amend it" something that is pure lie and twisted truth???. Its like to accept accusation that "someone" impose on you and your family,..but that "someone" entered your house with your first neighbor, raped your wife, few of your daughters, killed your son,...and  when you retaliated with knife from your kitchen and stabbed your neighbor ,..NOW THAT SOMEONE IS SUING YOU "because YOUR conduct",.... IN HIS COURT, IN HIS COUNTRY, BY HIS JUDGES who are PAID from pillaging he did in your House?????!!!!!!!
    FUVK YOU< YOU PIECE OF SHIT, are not here to discuss and look into Truth, are here to provoke


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    Re: Russia–Serbia Partnership

    Post  SturmGuard on Sun Apr 30, 2017 8:01 pm

    He is not here to provoke, think of him as the equivalent of DOSmanlije, Mešanci, Yugocommunists and Moshe Piyade.

    He is not an ethnic Russian, probably has positive view of Bolsheviks, Lenin, Trotsky and the whole first generation, not to mention the post-Stalin "patriots".

    His experience is similar to miscreants like Jeremić, a mixed descendant of the respective host nations worst enemies, child of Red Burgeoisie, who was sent to study abroad in order to avoid all of the misfortunes and misery of wartime and transition of Former Yugoslav Republic Serbia.

    This forum needs a quality Serbia thread, a most fascinating subject.

    A country where Nedić is a traitor, Tito has a mausoleum, which has had 17 years of Pro-Western, now only pro-EU, but previously 12 years Atlanticist stooges, and is supposedly pro-Russian.

    It gets far better once you scratch the surface and reveal the details.

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    Re: Russia–Serbia Partnership

    Post  PapaDragon on Sun Jul 02, 2017 12:17 am

    Hungarian rescue teams came to train in joint Serbian-Russian humanitarian center in Nis

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    Re: Russia–Serbia Partnership

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