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    Russian Transport Aircraft fleet (VTA)


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    Post  GarryB on Sat Nov 30, 2019 4:25 am

    If they can make the Il-276 with as much commonality as possible with the Il-476 then I think there is a lot of potential for savings... personally I would like to see the Tu-330 go ahead too because it can be made different enough to also be useful for a range of tasks and fill a niche that the Il-276 wont have to match any more.

    Either way... the sooner one or other or both are in production and they can start withdrawing the An-12s from service the better...

    I would like to see variants of the Il-276 replace other Illyusions too like the old Il-18/20/22 still being used...

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    Russian Transport Aircraft fleet (VTA) - Page 20 Empty Re: Russian Transport Aircraft fleet (VTA)

    Post  Rodion_Romanovic on Mon Dec 30, 2019 11:51 pm

    Interesting extract from this interview.

    So, it is not clear if they want a transport plane with a payload  of 20 tons (il276) or one with payload of more than 30 tons (tu330 derivative).

    It would be quite interesting if they could also reproprose the idea of a LNG powered tu330, maybe with the PD14M or PD18 since the NK-94 was abandoned.

    Who will eventually produce the medium military transporter - Ilyushin or Tupolev?
    - The average transporter should appear by the end of the 2020s. This is a work that largely determines the appearance of the transport line for decades to come. Therefore, for the first time in many years, the creation of a promising medium transport aircraft was organized through a competition of concepts and design bureaus. We need to think far ahead at the entrance to this project.
    We analyzed the market, saw various trends. In the world, the fleet of traditional medium-sized transport carriers with a carrying capacity of about 20 tons is being updated. On the other hand, in the last decade a new segment of medium-heavy transporters with a carrying capacity of about 30-40 tons has formed on the market. Therefore, we have organized a competition, worked out the concepts and appearance of two options for the design of an average transporter, created draft designs.

    An interdepartmental working group with the participation of key institutions, aviation science, industry, the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Industry and Trade is considering options. It is necessary to take into account the targets for using the new transporter, including the parameters of the equipment that is planned to be transported by these aircraft after 2030.
    Based on this study, we are awaiting a decision with the participation of customers - the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Industry and Trade - about which platform will be taken as a basis.
    When working on promising new projects and as part of the UAC transformation program, we are starting to form united engineering teams. Therefore, I have no doubt that the design potential and engineering competencies of Design Bureau Ilyushin and Design Bureau Tupolev - the main participants in the competition, as well as other schools that can be connected to the work at the next stage, will be in demand when creating a promising medium transport aircraft.

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