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    MiG-29/ΜiG-35 Fulcrum: News


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    Re: MiG-29/ΜiG-35 Fulcrum: News

    Post  LMFS on Sun May 20, 2018 5:51 pm

    Hole wrote:In tests the MiG-29´s of the former east-german air force beat the F-15 (with AIM-7) in BVR combat.

    The german pilots were against the retirement or sell off of the planes, because the Eurofighter was not even delivered and Germany would be left with no real fighter Jet.
    I was just commenting on what the pilot in the video said, thanks for the info. He also stated that they managed to convince the military to keep those aircraft in service, since they were far better than anything they had at the time

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    Re: MiG-29/ΜiG-35 Fulcrum: News

    Post  Hole on Sun May 20, 2018 9:28 pm

    The F-4 Phantom.


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    Re: MiG-29/ΜiG-35 Fulcrum: News

    Post  marcellogo on Sun May 20, 2018 11:22 pm

    Hole wrote:The F-4 Phantom.

    The F-4F Phantom.

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    Re: MiG-29/ΜiG-35 Fulcrum: News

    Post  GarryB Yesterday at 9:56 am

    The MiG-35 has the same wing als the MiG-29K, missing the folding mechanism. A shipborne version could easily be developed.

    Isos was talking about the possibility of the MiG-35 to land on a carrier.

    There was a recent article that said MiG-35s were going to get all the capabilities to land on carriers... which suggests to me that even the land based models will have tail hooks and folding wings and therefore be able to land and operate from carriers or land bases.

    The MiG-35s current wing is larger than the old one like the MiG-29KRs wing but as you said it does not fold, but perhaps their production wing will have folding capability just so it is fully compatible with carrier use.

    The guy in the interview reports that the radar screen was a mess, not being really easy to understand what was happening in BVR

    Thanks for the info!

    Like I said, these were MiG-29Bs... ie downgraded export models of the very first version in service... their systems were not as good as the late model MiG-23ML systems... in fact the IRST was inferior and the R-24R and R-24T had several advantages over the R-27R... including the T IR guided model, which the B model MiG could not use.

    All of these issues and a few more issues with the aircraft would be instantly solved with the very affordable SMT upgrade... which would have made it 40% cheaper to operate... after about 5 years it would probably have paid the cost of the upgrade in savings in maintenance.

    They didn't do it because they didn't want to jeopardise the Typhoon purchase... which they were already committed to.

    In tests the MiG-29´s of the former east-german air force beat the F-15 (with AIM-7) in BVR combat.

    Even the short range model of the R-27 was designed to be faster than Sparrow... they had Sparrows from Vietnam and a Soviet copy of Sparrow entered in the competition to arm the new fighters MiG-29 and Su-27... the Sparrow lost.

    More interestingly if it was a Russian MiG-29 it could have used the R-27P, which homed in on the radar signal the F-15 uses to guide its Sparrow missile... so once the F-15 marked the MiG with its illumination beam for the Sparrow, the MiG pilot could fire an R-27P at the F-15 and it would automatically guide to the F-15s radar. With it being faster than the Sparrow even if the Sparrow was launched first the R-27P would likely get to the F-15 before the Sparrow got to the MiG.

    If the F-15 detected the incoming missile he would assume it is the IR guided missile because the MIG wasn't painting his aircraft with an illumination beam so he knew he wasn't using the SARH R-27R, and they didn't know about the passive homing P model then.

    The MiG pilot could turn and do what he liked after firing his missile because it was fire and forget, like an IR guided missile.

    The real issue with this generation BVR missiles it that they were pretty average, with poor performance.

    Interestingly with modern digital electronics and various other improvements the naval model of the Sparrow missile seems to be rated highly by the USN... the ESSM.

    Makes you wonder about the new model R-27 and R-27E missiles the Russians use now... but then there is always R-77 if you need ARH.

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    Re: MiG-29/ΜiG-35 Fulcrum: News

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