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    Kurganets & Boomerang Discussions Thread #2



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    Re: Kurganets & Boomerang Discussions Thread #2

    Post  T-47 on Fri 11 Aug 2017, 16:03

    miketheterrible wrote:They will give it to rostec, the only way to save it.

    They can order infinite amount of BMP's and it won't save the company. Piss poor management for too long. Once its part of an armor holding, it will be fine.

    Whatever works for them. It just need to pump out BMPs and BMDs with better paying to the workers.

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    Re: Kurganets & Boomerang Discussions Thread #2

    Post  miketheterrible on Fri 11 Aug 2017, 16:36

    They are consolidating the companies by the sounds of it. Rostec will own both to unite them into 1 group, fix the management structure and business structure, modernize what has to, and then they usually sell majority shares in a privatization bid (this usually ends up being like 20% bank 1, 25% Rostec, 25% some other bank, etc).

    Once the bankruptcy proceeds and they get everything cleared, then the company will switch hands. This is a strategic company, so they will make sure to keep it running. Just under new ownership.

    In theory, it may do better afterwards because if it is part of an armored holding group controlled by Uralvagonzavod, then interoperability significantly increases and thus projects that work with unified body will move a lot faster.

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    Re: Kurganets & Boomerang Discussions Thread #2

    Post  Arctic_Fox on Tue 22 Aug 2017, 20:33

    New Boomerang variant:


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    Re: Kurganets & Boomerang Discussions Thread #2

    Post  Benya on Tue 22 Aug 2017, 22:51

    Arctic_Fox wrote:New Boomerang variant:

    Berezhok combat module? Nice thumbsup

    However, I think that this will be more of an export variant, as Russia would equip their own ones with the Bumerang-BM combat module.

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    Re: Kurganets & Boomerang Discussions Thread #2

    Post  franco on Tue 22 Aug 2017, 23:08

    Might be a combo... having the 30mm AGL sounds good to me.

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    Re: Kurganets & Boomerang Discussions Thread #2

    Post  George1 Yesterday at 02:46

    "Boomerang" with the fighting module "Berezhok"

    Among other things, at the military technical forum "Army-2017" that opened in Kubinka, a variant of the armored unified wheeled platform VPK-7829 "Boomerang" with the inhabited combat module B05Y01 "Berezhok" developed by JSC "Design Bureau of Instrumentation" was demonstrated in a dynamic display. (KBP, Tula) instead of the Boomerang-BM unmanned combat module (also developed by KBMP) installed on prototypes "Boomerang" in K-17 version. A sample of "Boomerang" with the combat module "Berezhok" has been preliminarily tested for some time.

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    Re: Kurganets & Boomerang Discussions Thread #2

    Post  0nillie0 Yesterday at 08:35

    franco wrote:Might be a combo... having the 30mm AGL sounds good to me.

    Having the new grenade launcher in a panoramic weapon station would be much better imho.

    At any rate, i think the new combat modules just aren't ready. If they where, we would see them now on Bumerang AFV or at least a static display (not a mock up but the real thing). Perhaps i am jumping the gun and we will see it at Army, but yet they have been testing Bumerang IFV with Berezhok which became available years ago. Especially that remote 30mm module design always looks a bit odd to me...very not Russian...And they are going to get Berezhok on the BMP-2 if that is still going as planned. So again : Less reasons to push ahead with new intermediate modules.
    Look at the turret on the BTR-87. Just a regular old BTR-82 turret with new sights and Kornet capability. It makes sense as Russia already operates so many BTR-82A.

    Hopefully progress on the new 57mm combat module doesn't stall.


    Jus to be clear, i think the Berezhok module looks great on Bumerang AFV. And i have always been a fan of it. Not hating on it ! Needs imho a more capable commander sight tho.
    It would be great if they could combine the grenade launcher and panoramic commander sight, similar to the commander module on T-14.

    In the end it is still a manned turret, which is not really a bad thing, would it not be for all that ammo stored near the crew...


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    Re: Kurganets & Boomerang Discussions Thread #2

    Post  T-47 Yesterday at 15:40

    So a going away from the unmanned turret craze?

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    Re: Kurganets & Boomerang Discussions Thread #2

    Post  GarryB Today at 10:50

    No, likely testing the manned turret Berezhok on the Kurganets platform... I suspect the turret was automated and connected to the hull positions for the crew so the crew could operate it from the hull positions.

    I rather doubt in this form this turret would be selected but some features might have been tested.

    Even for export the Berezhok turret would not really be suitable for the Kurganets as the latter is designed with all the troops and crew to be in the hull.

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    Re: Kurganets & Boomerang Discussions Thread #2

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