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    Re: Forum Non Technical issues

    Post  GarryB on Sat Jul 22, 2017 11:25 am

    So someone might be interested in opening the carrier air wing thread and not be interested in the Naval Aviation News thread.
    Yeah right

    No, what I mean is that someone might be interested in the Admiral Kuznetsov specifically, and just want to read about that without reading about this new boat being built or future carriers to be built.

    Others might want to talk about potential new aircraft for a new carrier.

    The point is that a person can read the title and know what the thread is about... if they want to read about that subject and contribute they can open it... if not then they don't need to read through all those posts in that thread.

    Over time if a thread dies or becomes more general then it could be locked or merged but if you have a thread about something that is not discussed for a year do you really think a brand new thread is a good idea or to reuse the old thread with previous discussions still in it.

    Obviously raising the dead is a bad thing normally, but keeping lots of dead topics is not that great either.

    Anybody interested in Naval aviation will open everyone of the threads I posted.

    What if someone is not interested in Russian naval aviation in general... they just want to know what sort of state the Admiral K is in or when it can next be deployed. Or what the future of its air wing is, or what is going to be operating with it in 20 years time. Or they remember a comment about its overhaul schedule but can't remember which thread it might be in... looking through 20 Russian Aviation threads parts 1-20 would take rather more time than looking in the Admiral K thread.

    I am not suggesting to combine everything into one giant naval thread, but hey, we have a million threads on this forum... Much bigger/popular forums have a smaller number of threads.

    Thank you for giving us your opinion, it is appreciated and noted.

    Are other members of the same mind or do you have a different view... please post here your view as that will dictate future actions of the mods.

    If everyone agrees we can merge more threads and prescribe broader thread topics so each thread can cover a wider range of subjects within them.

    We of course will keep the talking bollocks thread and anti putin rant thread and shift relevant posts into those sections as needed.

    Have your say.

    For a moment, stop seeing with the eyes of a moderator and look at things from the humble poster's perspective.

    Happy to adapt to the members wishes, but I need to be sure it is what everyone thinks is the way they want this forum.

    Personally, I am a forum user too and I prefer having more separate topics as it makes it easier for me to find useful old comments and information, but I admit if we broaden the topics then it makes my job easier because if the topics are broader then rants often become less off topic so would more likely remain where they were. Smile

    Again... up to you guys... we don't own this forum we just help enforce the rules.

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    Re: Forum Non Technical issues

    Post  PapaDragon on Thu Aug 10, 2017 10:09 pm

    I am kindly requesting that following post by one of our local clowns:

    With following content:
    rogozin was in the talk show and talked about military ,krimea, rockets ,....
    he got new nickname for him in the comments -the clown. Razz
    angara-a5 in 2021 in vostochny.
    100 ton superheavy rocket launch site in vostochny in 2030. Razz
    rd-175, 1000t thrust,4 chambered engine modification of rd-171 - another money guzzling megaproject ...pale

    Usa will have commercial market cornered with Musk Falcon -x and dollars from commercial markets pouring in ,while russia will suck dry bones, super heavy rocket- SLS in 2020s will be ready , USA has powerfull hydrogen engines russia doesnt even have a dream of in future and will stop buying russian engines because of new Musk methane engines by 2020s,  which will bankrupt Russian energomash , Usa multi-pronged approach is paying of handsomely and Russia is left in the dust in all fields ,and no amount of whining and chest thumping can change that...sad . No

    Be moved to this tread that was opened recently:

    On account of being off topic for the tread it was originally posted in due to parts that I have bolded and emphasized

    I mean If you are not deleting BS from little trolls then at at least move the content to more appropriate and topic-relevant location that is available. While you are at it you can also move my reply to that post too.

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