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    PAK-TA Special Purpose Transport aircraft


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    Re: PAK-TA Special Purpose Transport aircraft

    Post  OminousSpudd on Tue Sep 13, 2016 5:23 am

    eehnie wrote:
    OminousSpudd wrote:
    eehnie wrote:

    One article more.

    I would like to find the RT report mentioned. It seems more interesting.
    Damn, I could have sworn Ilyushin was making a cargo plane by that same designation. Is Putin building his plane alongside Ilyushin's plant?

    From what I know Ilyushin is working on this project. This is a transport aircraft project.
    Just sarcasm mate. I was taking a jab at the article's "Putin" association.
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    Re: PAK-TA Special Purpose Transport aircraft

    Post  hoom on Tue Sep 13, 2016 3:08 pm

    Yeah, he'll be building it bare chested while riding a Bear Razz

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    Re: PAK-TA Special Purpose Transport aircraft

    Post  eehnie on Tue Jan 17, 2017 1:25 pm

    Firebird wrote:Garry, the Tu-244 had a 13ft diameter fuselage. A 1970s design to carry 300 passengers.
    The Il-76 has a 16ft diameter fuselage. So they're already in the same ballpark.
    BTW the Tu-244 was to use cryogenic fuel.

    Moving into the far more exotic spaceplane designs.:-
    One  Tu-2000 variant was started in 1986 and had a t/o weight of 360 tons and top speed Mach 24.
    I *think* there was an even heavier variant (I can't find the page currently).

    Taking all this cumulatively ie the ability to get extreme speed, Tu-160 lines reopening and the Tu-244's supersonic size, well I think a fast, fuel +cost efficient, large plane must be achievable in 2016.

    Energiya had an alternative proposal for a spaceplane,220.0.html
    8.3m fuselage width.

    My wild guess is that conventional engines could get a slightly broader Tu-244 variant in the air.
    And modern cryogenic fuel/scramjets could boost it and keep it at supersonic speeds.

    They won't build dozens of these to transport sandbags and rations for 100,000 troops etc.
    Just a few based on the Tu160M2 for absolute cutting edge equipment and some manpower.

    Look how sending S-400s to Syria fucked up the Turks shitty ideas. It basically means turning selected sections of most of the world into no fly zones in a matter of hours. Beyond that, I suspect the doctrine/application will be much like Russia in Syria is today.

    PS not totally relevant (as I'd go the Tu244 route) but this talks about weight, speed and fuel usage in spaceplanes etc

    It is curious to see how some people that habitually is in the side of the American air superiority, tend to think that if something is not done by the Americans first is not doable, and tend to think that the state of the art remains the same since the 1980s (basically because the Americans did nothing better except in the stealth technologies).

    Well I'm sure they will see something different by 2025. Russia is developing now 3 outstanding projects:


    after to finnish successfully the Su-PAK-FA.

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    Re: PAK-TA Special Purpose Transport aircraft

    Post  GarryB on Wed Jan 18, 2017 8:24 am

    Taking all this cumulatively ie the ability to get extreme speed, Tu-160 lines reopening and the Tu-244's supersonic size, well I think a fast, fuel +cost efficient, large plane must be achievable in 2016.

    In design terms there is not much that is difficult in making a supersonic large aircraft.

    The Soviets had the Tu-144 and with a new generation engine based on the NK-32 they would likely have a very efficient aircraft... the problem is that it still would not be cheap and that is what the main bulk of passengers want... the lowest airfare... and to survive of course.

    The point is that they have to make a choice... the F-22 could have been made a mach 3 fighter... as indeed could the the PAK FA.

    The reason they weren't make mach 3 capable aircraft is because that would have greatly increased their development and purchase prices and made their operational costs horrendous without actually making them more effective in their primary role.

    Being fast makes all sorts of problems like cooling electronics and human compartments much much harder.

    For a large bomber having a supersonic dash capability could be very useful. A long range supercruise capability would be even better as it dramatically increases range and speed to target without greatly increasing cost or fuel consumption.

    For an interceptor high speed is very useful so if we are going to see a very fast aircraft it will almost certainly not be a transport... it wont be a bomber either... it is most likely to be an interceptor... manned or otherwise.

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    Re: PAK-TA Special Purpose Transport aircraft

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