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    ZSU-23-4 AA Gun: Views


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    Re: ZSU-23-4 AA Gun: Views

    Post  d_taddei2 on Fri Mar 09, 2018 4:59 pm

    whats peoples views on

    zsu-23-4M (MANPAD) upgrade
    zu-23-2M1 (radar and fire control upgrade)
    zu-23-2M1 (as above with added Igla missiles)
    zu-23-2-ZOM1 (as above but Igla missiles replaced with strella 10 missiles)

    i actually think if you already have zu-23-2 & zsu-23-4 that there decent upgrades especially the zu-23-2 if mounted on truck, MT-LB, typhoon family, vodnik, bulat, tigr etc. and if upgraded using verba even better.

    these upgrade systems could be applied to other existing systems such as zpu-1/2/4, S-60, 61-k, zsu-57-2, KS-30, KS-19, 52-K, and all these systems can be mounted on a variety of vehicles, the last three systems Iran already has a solution to these the Sa-ir is based on the KS-19 100mm self loading, radar controlled could easily be applied to other systems and add the additional missiles. this would greatly improve short range capabilities of armed forces although some of these systems range beyond 10km upto 15km which pretty decent range. and could a cheaper alternative to buying completely new systems. And this is more aimed at those who already have the base systems or an armed forces looking for cheap short range air defence systems. And of course any MANPAD could be used doesn't have to be new systems if they already have Sa-7/Sa-14/Sa-16/Sa-18,or any other MANPAD can be used.

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    Re: ZSU-23-4 AA Gun: Views

    Post  GarryB on Fri Mar 09, 2018 10:53 pm

    I don't see anything wrong with upgrading those older vehicles, but the 23mm cannon was replaced by 30mm for lots of good reasons that are still relevant.

    Also MANPADS lack range and are not very cheap... if you want to add some missiles then the Kornet-EM is one interesting option to allow engagement out to 10km with HE Frag rounds, or the SOSNA-R would be even better as it also has a 10km range and the same laser beam riding guidance, but has the enormous benefit of being a two stage missile with a booster stage that accelerates it to very high speed... instead of taking almost a minute to get to 10km it takes about 12 seconds...

    The other bonus is that the Kornet and the SOSNA are relatively cheap.

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