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    Serbian Air Force Needs and Modernization


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    Re: Serbian Air Force Needs and Modernization

    Post  Militarov on Thu Apr 13, 2017 10:25 pm

    medo wrote:

    Cockpit of Serbian MiG-29A (L-18). I would like to ask, if those MiGs went through any deeper modernization or they only change old radar screen with new MFD?

    Just some cockpit layout changes, nothing remarkable or deep.

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    Post  d_taddei2 on Sat Jul 01, 2017 12:21 pm

    Militarov wrote:
    medo wrote:I hope all Serb MiG-29 fighters will be upgraded to MiG-29SM standard and becomming fully multirole, like Myanmar will do. MiG-29SM is also equipped with new data link and SATNAV.

    Regarding J-22 Orao, I think Serbia could modernize them with Gefest SVP-24, what will give to J-22 SATNAV and new data link and will be compatible with MiG-29SM. They could also equipp them with SOLT-25 from Su-25SM3. I doubt Serbia have money for Solt-25, but SVP-24 would be excellent upgrade package and it is combat proven.

    They are mentioning modernisation, however various sources claim different things, as there is another offer for Belarus MiGs. So modernisation standards are big unknown.

    Regarding Orao, major issue is almost unexisting spare parts base for such long service time. There is no point in prolonging service life for something you cant keep flying.

    I agree with you the aircraft are getting old and lack of parts and cost to restart they would be better buying armed multirole Yak-130 than pursuing upgrades etc on Orao it would probably be cheaper and the Yak-130 will be in service in larger numbers for many years to come so no risk of parts shortage. I also doubt the comment made in the article "Experts came to a conclusion that the service life of the jet can be extended to up to 40 years and possibly for another eight years, so in that way Orao can serve up to 48 years,” i would highly doubt such an aircraft would last that long especially considering funding and parts and would such an aircraft be any good in 40yrs?

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