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    Value of stealth aircrafts


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    Re: Value of stealth aircrafts

    Post  Singular_Transform on Tue May 23, 2017 6:55 pm

    You won't boost the morale by saying that "we send twenty of you there, and maybe three will came back " : )

    Every military explain to its soldiers why they are superior compared to the enemy.

    Example the show off from Iran exactly about it.

    Actually, what happens is the planners design the strategy, calculating the chances, and after that only the scripts are transferred to the pilots, not the probabilities. : )

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    Re: Value of stealth aircrafts

    Post  miketheterrible on Tue May 23, 2017 7:49 pm

    Lots of things to say about the article.

    1) Buisness Insider is US propaganda. To add insult to injury, the US MiC is shilling as hard as they can to sell F-35 to India. So it makes it even more interesting it is pushing it on the Indian section.
    2) Most will praise their own systems, no matter what. To make sales, moral boost, etc.
    3) Some pilots said it's a piece of shit, others say it is the best thing since sliced bread.
    4) The pilot makes no sense in his comments. Plane does 16, 32 or whatever other things at once while previous jets couldn't. What? Previous jets from Russia as example has sensors where it can pick up and launch countermeasures while flying, while trying to strike a land or air target. What makes this so different? It doesn't. Plane can't fly forward while reversing or going up and down at same time. A lot of just pure bullshit to sell a product.
    5) Pilot admits it isn't really stealth and it will be detected but states they will see what is detecting them. Great, what if the system isn't a radar but passive system? Then the F-35 won't notice it is being detected.
    6) Pilot makes the assumption that all Russian and Chinese systems are 6 separate systems all communicating with each other in order to work. Which is blatantly wrong since the IADs structure can allow other passive systems and other radar systems to work with the AD systems if in case some other system fails. As well, the command system can be automated where response time is in the single digit seconds. As well, pilot forgets various SHORADS like Pantsir, Tor and Strela has optical tracking and engaging systems to work along with its radar for heavy jamming environments. Such systems also operate separately if needed to be hence why all components for it to work are on the same Chasis.
    7) So the F-35 expects that he hits 1 target, lets say engagement radar. What about the other engagement radars and other systems that would also be tracking it? What about the enemies air Force? Su-35 can detect it roughly 90km away with passive systems. How will F-35 detect that? It would need to turn on its radar. Which passive sensors from both ground and aircraft would detect that.
    Cool enemies like Russia had EW systems as part of IADS now. So what would F-35 do if their electronics are being jammed?

    It really is far more complex than this. And this isn't the first time US claimed something as invincible or jam proof only to be proven wrong (RQ-170).

    But its advertising and due to simplicity if Indian people, there will be a lot of morons in India jumping around wanting this jet for Indian AF.

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    Re: Value of stealth aircrafts

    Post  Singular_Transform on Tue May 23, 2017 8:40 pm

    It is even more complicated than it seems.

    -The long wave radars quite hard to hit with anti radiation rockets, it needs multiple seeker to found its target.
    -Due to above, it is easy to make mock up long wave radars that fool the enemy rockets.
    - 24/7 observation they need only the cheap to run and maintain NEBO-M, not the expensive X band radars.
    -The long wave radar can lead the rocket(s) to the enemy aircraft, and the X band radars has to switch on only for seconds to illuminate the target.

    Of course the aggressor can use a lot of method to overcame the defence, but the cost to overcame it is exponentially increasing.
    And the US military is now too small to be capable to maintain air superiority against China and Russia at the same time.

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    Re: Value of stealth aircrafts

    Post  Isos on Tue May 23, 2017 10:15 pm

    If the F-22 goes supersonic and reach some high températures, won't it have a negative effect on its RCS ? The paint is chemical so variation of the temperature will have an effect on it.

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    Re: Value of stealth aircrafts

    Post  GarryB on Wed May 24, 2017 11:18 am

    Supercruising wont effect RCS, but thermal image will stand out due to friction induced heating, so IRSTs and IR guided weapons will have a huge advantage.

    Long wave radar needs a large antenna to detect or track so long wave ground based radar should be safe from ARMs... most fighter sized targets wont even detect the emissions.

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    Re: Value of stealth aircrafts

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