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    Education in Russia: News


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    Re: Education in Russia: News

    Post  Rodion_Romanovic on Sat Nov 18, 2017 7:14 am

    andalusia wrote:I want to know is there a concern about failing public education in Russia and in other parts of Europe? Here in America, many people believe that the market would improve public education by having vouchers.  Moreover, many Americans dislike public schools since they think it is a socialist/ communist idea.  Is there faith in public schools in Russia and other parts of Europe?

    I do not know about Russia, but in Italy the public schools are better than the private ones (the general opinion is that you go in a private schools you want to buy your high school diploma instead of studying for it, but maybe the situation is changing). Unfortunately, however, the quality is dropping in the recent years. Also almost all the good universities are public. (I do not like however how the money is spent in some cases, i believe that if something is paid by public money, it should because there is the need and opportunities to employ people in those roles or because they can give a real contribution to their field. If this is not the case, or people are not good enough to have the state pay for their studies, i believe they should do something else, or be pay full price for education.)

    I find totally absurd that you have to pay a lot of money for a good education if you are capable and want to study something sensible.

    In Germany also public education (both schools and University are to a high standard).
    I like also the concept of berufausbildung (a vocational training of 2or 3 years thay many in Germany do as alternative to university). It is very well structured and include working and studying and recognized.

    I would like to have this system implemented also in Italy.

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    Re: Education in Russia: News

    Post  PapaDragon on Mon Feb 12, 2018 7:44 pm

    For starters, you can find all the fresh news about new education facilities being built right here:

    Huge amount of entries, constantly updated, no point posting specific articles, click and see


    Russian Billionaires Are Building Megaschools to Rival Eton and Exeter

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