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    Russian Air-to-Air missiles


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    Re: Russian Air-to-Air missiles

    Post  eridan on Wed Jul 06, 2016 11:47 am

    Is there actual info on R-77-1 out there, aside from dimensions and general, contextless, range performance bracket?

    This video compares latest variants of R77 and Amraam. How accurate is it?


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    Re: Russian Air-to-Air missiles

    Post  GarryB on Fri Jul 08, 2016 4:39 am

    Not a bad video, but things like the fact that Russian aircraft can fly faster than most western aircraft... which means better range for the missiles they fire are ignored.

    The comments about Russian radar being inferior are amusing as they tended to use the same Texas Instruments based digital electronics during the 1990s and now would likely use Russian electronics.

    The new russian missiles are a large unknown but the comments about the control surfaces seem to downplay the advantages of the rear grid fins of the R77, where in a turning engagement would allow far superior manouver capability.

    The R-77 is a medium range missile, for long range engagements they have the R-37M.

    In long range engagements the targets will mostly be bombers like the B-52 or JSTARS or AWACS or refuelling aircraft... or even troop transports... targets that would serious damage the enemy if taken out of the fight early.

    The graphics seemed to show R-77 fly directly at the target and then lose speed and fall short, while the Amraam was shown to be lofted at long range targets.

    It is known the r-27 uses a lofted trajectory to extend range, so I don't see why its replacement would not use the same trajectory models to maximise range.

    Also that crap about GPS helping AMRAAM is just that... crap.

    If you are tracking the target GPS or GLONASS does not come in to it... you detect the targets position relative to yours and you launch a missile towards the projected position of the target... as your missile flys and gets closer and closer to that intercept position you occasionally update the targets location with your radar or IRST or off platform data source... if the target performs significant manovers or speed changes and will be outside the intercept range when the missile arrives to the intercept point then the targets location at intercept is recalculated and an new intercept point is calculated.... a new manouver command is sent to your missile to change course to the new intercept point... GPS or GLONASS has nothing to do with it.

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    Re: Russian Air-to-Air missiles

    Post  Flanky on Mon Jul 18, 2016 10:24 pm

    I think that flight profile of the R-27ER making a long range shot was the same as the AIM-120 shown a high altitude mid stage with high speed descent to the point of interception.
    If what he says in video is true that R-77 gets a longer active burner flight it means it has a lot more energy. That means bigger no escape zone. And one more thing. Russian missiles used TI chips in their guidance warheads but i would dispute that they were the "same" as western ones. I would not be surprised if these pieces of electrohnic would have reduced performance characteristics (or some backdoors / intentional bugs for that matter). However finally it is time to introduce the Amraam-ski to active service. I would assume that it will take years for us to get to the real characteristics of the missile at wich point in time Ruskies will have already a "BM" version in service i guess. I have to admitt im lost in these Amraamski versions - question is who isnt?

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    Re: Russian Air-to-Air missiles

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