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    New Russian Cosmodrome - Vostochniy


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    Post  Big_Gazza on Thu Jun 06, 2019 12:00 pm

    Angara pad area was cleared back at the end of last year. Pics courtesy of that fukwad Atlantacist Zak. Looks like his "reports" about
    PSO Kazan having its contract terminated wasn't exactly an honest account of the true situation. How surprising...

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    New Russian Cosmodrome - Vostochniy - Page 9 Empty East

    Post  Gazputin on Sun Jun 09, 2019 12:38 pm

    probably the real problem is the lack of construction companies that have experience in the East in the first place
    and local idiots thinking they can get rich quick …. not exactly the first time in the history of the Earth ….

    Vostochny (East) is just a part of the entire eastern development program …
    have you guys seen the size of the Amur gas processing plant at Amur …. "Blago--… whatever.. ski"
    the 2nd biggest on Earth

    the scale is mind-blowing …. it is the final hub before gas goes to China …. Power of Siberia

    apparently Gazprom has just agreed to build a gas pipeline to Vostochny from Amur
    so the resident numbers must be growing
    and Amur can supply hydrogen etc for Vostochny

    the other bit I picked up the other day
    is that all upper stages and payloads and space tugs are flown in to Blago- whatever-ski
    for the Soyuz-2 …. only the launch core goes by train ….

    you always "take a hit" whilst you establish "critical mass"

    journalists are such a bunch of total twats … haven't spent 1 day in the real world … but "experts" on everything
    I wouldn't piss on them if they were on fire ….

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