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    French Politics and pro-russian National Front


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    Re: French Politics and pro-russian National Front

    Post  GarryB on Tue Jan 06, 2015 11:59 pm

    So far it is all just talk.

    I really think Russia needs to have a good think and decide whether it wants better relations and closer ties with countries that do this sort of thing to them.

    When making new ties Russia needs to make sure it can operate with these ties cut without warning...

    Personally I would like to see cordial relations with the EU and US but not close ties and certainly not important ties. The EU and US have shown they are unreliable so Russia should never get herself into a position where she needs to rely on them again. Better ties with Asian, middle eastern, african and central and south american countries are more appealing to me. No huge money countries there but Russia can grow with them through healthy trade relations.

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    Re: French Politics and pro-russian National Front

    Post  Kyo on Wed Jan 07, 2015 12:57 am

    Russia should become a real stopper to these guys.

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    Re: French Politics and pro-russian National Front

    Post  nemrod on Wed Jan 07, 2015 11:41 am

    Kyo wrote:Russia should become a real stopper to these guys.

    It is no use to take care, or giving importance to F. Hollande, he has no weight. I don't know if he could controll the end of the hallway where its office is. F. Hollande is a simple puppet, as most of the french leaders. Those who controll France are oligarchs, and this oligarchy is -as I said above- US-Israelo compliant.
    US for all geopolitic views.
    Israel regarding economy, bank, culture.
    Those who could change this trend are frencheese Army. They took control of power in 1958, and nowadays with the rise of China and Russia, they could more than never.
    Those who could really influence too is Germany. Most of the economic part of Germany are beside Russia, and want better relations with Russia, but they are opposed to a small group of german politicians who are under US controll. Do not forget that, untill now, Germany is occupied by american forces. Germany is not a free country. If they were free, they will immediatly bring closer to Russia.
    France and Germany could overthrow this US world order. And the change will likely come from Germany, after french army will easily oust, if not jailed the frencheese nomenklatura.
    This frencheese nomenklatura -as soviet during the 80's- is hated by most of frencheese people, they represent nothing.

    For that reason, do not take credit about say Holland, Sarkozy, or any frencheese politicians.

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    Re: French Politics and pro-russian National Front

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