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    Post  GarryB on Sat Mar 30, 2019 11:51 am

    This would hold if they'd maneuver over the entire flight and not lose any speed at it. Otherways it just takes launching more homing interceptors for one of them to reach it. They come in big salvos, so if the first interceptor doesn't reach the missile, because it turns, than later launched interceptor has more time to correct its flight trajectory accordingly. The real problem is however that there's not enough time to launch enough salvos for all of the incoming missiles. And they would need to have considerable number of AEGIS ships in the area of potential Russian naval base in the Carribean sea to pose any deterrence.

    No you are missing the point... currently interception of very high speed targets relies on the fact that they travel in very predictable trajectories... like an artillery shell, so even though they are travelling at immense speeds their future path is predictable and can be plotted well in advance so that your interceptor missile has time to get to a position where it can intercept the incoming round.

    Hypersonic threats are not new... IRBMs are hypersonic too, but rapidly slow down if they have to manouver a lot... the advantage of the Zircon is that it is powered and wont be slowing down at all... even when it manouvers.

    An S-500 missile uses a rocket motor so when it is at its 600km range for intercepting targets it will be going a lot slower than when it was a few seconds after launch because it will no longer be powered, so its ability to manouver will be very limited to its small control surfaces... fortunately being an object moving relatively fast it wont need to manouver too much if the guidance system has gotten it into a position where the target is right there in front of it when it scans with its radar...

    allow it to be used as a full-fledged ballistic missile for hitting surface and ground targets.

    Yeah, not a manouvering hypersonic missile... a ballistic missile able to hit large ground targets but not dodge air defence missiles... it would mostly defeat air defence missiles simply because it is moving at 4.5km per second... but guess what... S-400 can engage targets moving at 4.8km/s so they wont even need S-500.

    then Russians are dead when upgradeds SM6 with 4,5km/s hits the ship. S-500 wont help either.

    See above.

    Bad comparison,M26 vs T34 doesnt look good

    Why would you compare a heavy tank with a medium tank?

    If you want M26, then at the very least IS-3... and the Soviet tank kicks the American tanks arse...

    so you say SM-6 is developed by morons who dont know how to build missiles and is basically useless? let me remain skeptical

    No, it is an adaptation of the only decent SAM network operating in the US today, but it is a modification of something that had already been developed... as opposed to S-500 which is custom made for the job of shooting down ICBMs and satellites.

    BTW kizhal is rocket and flies 3km/s what is the problem to do same with SM6?

    All they have to do is develop the manouvering capability the Iskander has had since it was designed to penetrate enemy air defences, with a missile designed to hit very fast but also very predictable targets.

    If Russians actually decide for a naval base in Venezuela, their ships with Poliment-Redut should be well equipped for theoretical conflict against US navy, as long as they aren't outnumbered. However land based S-400 could mitigate even their numerical disadvantage and protect the air base at the same time.

    Well we can safely assume they will be outnumbered... that would be easy for the US to manage... the question is how long will they remain outnumbered... how many Zircons can they equip them with and how fast...

    1) something weighting more then 1 ton and flying with 4,5km/s has kinetic energy ~2 tones TNT equivalent if i'm correct (with 3km/s is closer ot tone tho) , 60kg explosives in such case is good to split missile to pieces to more kinetic energy is passed to a ship.

    It has to reach the ship first...

    in short in 2025s US gets very dangerous and potent weapon.

    Nothing changes then... the US has always had very dangerous and potent weapons, but to use them they cross a threshold that means everyone dies anyway... what difference does it make how many ships they manage to hit before WWIII starts and everything ends.

    I quote myself from above:
    2) if SM-6 is supposed to maneuver to intercept DongFengs so why would you assume that for S-400 it is so easy to intercept it?.

    Iskander has equipment on board that detects incoming interceptors... active radar signals etc, and can tailor its manouvering based on what it detects in terms of incoming missiles... would expect the same for Kinzhal and Zircon and Kh-32 as well.


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    Post  Hole on Sat Mar 30, 2019 4:29 pm

    SM-6 is like Frankensteins monster. Body of the SM-2, engine from the SM-3 and seeker from the AM-120. Very Happy

    It is supposed to supplement the SM-2, not to replace it. 200 are delivered, 1800 are planned.

    Operational range of the current version: 240km.
    Speed: 4.200 km/h (M 3,5)

    It is the equivalent of the 48N6M2 of the S-400 and now they want to turn it into an 40N6.


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    Post  George1 on Fri Oct 04, 2019 2:20 am

    Continuation of large-scale construction at the Khmeimim airbase

    NTV broadcast a video report on the continuation of large-scale construction at the Russian Hmeimim air base in Syria. The report said that "at the Khmeimim airbase in Syria, the Russian military began large-scale construction. Engineers are building new runways and hangars for aircraft and helicopters. To protect aircraft in the event of a possible attack, the structures are covered with special armored plates."


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    Post  Cyberspec on Fri Oct 04, 2019 3:00 am

    With the new runway, they'll be able to station LR bombers there according to a report

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