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    MIG-21, MIG-25, MIG-29SMT. Your views


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    MIG-21, MIG-25, MIG-29SMT. Your views - Page 3 Empty Re: MIG-21, MIG-25, MIG-29SMT. Your views

    Post  Hole on Fri Oct 11, 2019 5:28 pm

    MIG-21, MIG-25, MIG-29SMT. Your views - Page 3 006811

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    MIG-21, MIG-25, MIG-29SMT. Your views - Page 3 Empty Re: MIG-21, MIG-25, MIG-29SMT. Your views

    Post  GarryB on Sat Oct 12, 2019 4:16 am


    The MiG-25 has two 11 ton thrust engines, while the MiG-31 has two 15 ton thrust engines... there were plans to put more powerful engines in the MiG-25 but they decided to just use them in the MiG-31 instead.

    Would be interesting to see what difference more powerful engines would make to the performance of the MiG-25... especially engines designed to operate at very high speeds... some sort of bypass turbojet where the bypass air could be used as a ramjet at very high flight speeds...

    Of course that new high temperature aluminium they are developing would do amazing things for the MiG-25 by making it much more heat resistant while making it much much lighter too.

    Replacing old 1950s equipment with modern new stuff would also lighten it and make it more effective... I rather suspect more sophisticated and modern engines would make it much cheaper to operate too... lighter weight means it would climb and accelerate much faster and use less fuel doing so, and a modern ramjet mode turbojet means fuel burn sustaining high speed wont be too bad either... it would be an interesting aircraft for New Zealand to move around the huge airspace we have down here to patrol our large area of water that we manage. Aussie would probably find it useful too for mapping and locating things over its enormous territory.

    The Foxbats had pretty impressive data collecting equipment, and with modern equivalents it would be able to collect enormous amounts of data per flight... including up to rather high altitudes too.

    Would be an interesting science plane but being Soviet and Russian neither countries would even consider it of course.

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