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    Russia - Egypt military contracts


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    Re: Russia - Egypt military contracts

    Post  George1 on Wed Sep 27, 2017 1:00 pm

    Two new MiG-29M/M2 for Egypt

    A photograph of two new fighters built at the Production Complex No. 1 of RAC MiG in Lukhovitsy (Moscow region) for the Egyptian Air Force - a single-seat MiG-29M with the Egyptian airborne number 8705 (705) and a two-seat MiG-29M2 with Egyptian the onboard number "8804" ("804").

    Recall that the contract to supply Egypt with more than 50 fighters MiG-29M / M2 was signed by Rosoboronexport in May 2015. The first aircraft under this contract were manufactured at the Production Complex No. 1 of RAC MiG in Lukhovitsy in early 2017. Although the first batch of cars has already been transferred to the Egyptian Air Force, in fact, their delivery to Egypt, according to known data, has not yet begun.

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    Re: Russia - Egypt military contracts

    Post  mack8 on Sun Oct 08, 2017 9:38 pm

    Said to be the first pic showing the MiG-35 in Egypt:

    Also S-300VM pics taken in Russia  prior to delivery:

    All from here:

    Was there or will it be any parade this year to commemorate the October war? I was hoping all the new stuff (S-300VM, Ka-52, MiG-35 etc.) was or will be shown.

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