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    Russian Radar systems


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    Post  GarryB on Sat Apr 13, 2019 8:17 am

    Probably because we don't hear about such approach being used.

    What approach have we heard about new generation missiles they are designing for their new stealth fighter specifically to deal with US and western 5th generation stealth fighters...

    We have seen ground based radar becoming multi frequency systems, we have seen an increase in multi channel systems including an anti radiation missile fitted with IR ports for anti radar use... hell, in the 1990s they added IR sensors to their Self forging fragment anti tank submunitions that used MMW radar to detect and attack armoured vehicles... why do you think they would continue to use X and Ku band radar seekers against aircraft designed from the outset to be hard to see in those frequencies. Especially when taking in to account the Iskander non ballistic missiles are intended to take out ABM sites in europe...

    When the enemy has ATGMs is the solution just to make more tanks?

    They have had time to think about this...

    Maybe because of ID problems of the target or dome heating issues with high speed missiles affecting IR.


    We have seen open air facilities they use for radar and optical and IR signature generation of objects... they create a 3D object and present it to various radar and optical and IR sensor and rotate the 3D object to view it from every angle and record that signature in a database of 3D signatures.. isn't it pretty obvious why they might be doing that?

    What problems did they have with the R-40T or R-40TD IR guided missiles? Most IR sensors are cooled by liquid nitrogen systems... how hard would it be to also cool the optical port for the sensor?

    How do R-73s cope when loaded on MiG-31s and flown for 30 minutes or more at mach 2.5?

    There was the IR version of the R-27 but nothing apparently about R-77 whatever the reason is.

    Well the fact that there were no orders from Russia for the R-77 until after 2008 suggests there probably wasn't money for many variants either, besides, they already had plenty of R-27s available and still carry operationally in Syria and in Russia.

    In future multispectral seekers should be used, with radar, IR, optical or even acoustic footprints of the target being used to avoid countermeasures, until the only option will be to destroy the missile itself with small, short range self defence missiles / ammo or sheer RF power.

    What... now you think it might be a good idea?

    More sensor means need better and bigger batteries.

    Bigger is not better for batteries, newer batteries offer more power and better duration which is better, but it is also better to make them as small and light as possible.
    Scramjet powered missiles could use an electric generator to power onboard systems...

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    Post  LMFS on Sat Apr 13, 2019 11:16 am


    Not saying multimode seekers are a bad idea, simply that we haven't seen many developments in this direction AFAIK in the field of AAMs and there is probably some reason, even when we don't know. It can be purely economical or anything else, I don't know.

    Heating is an issue for IR seekers, a bigger problem the higher the speed. Just a thought about possible causes for AAM s and SAMs not having this kind of seeker more commonly beyond short range, lower speed ones, but have not researched on that deeper.

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    Post  Austin on Sun Apr 14, 2019 1:19 pm

    One question who can answer.

    Can photonic radar that Russia is working on can detect LO aircraft with high reliability including those designed to evade L & S band wavelength like B-2 or PAK-DA types ?

    Can they scale this Radar up to like S-400 class Radars ?

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    Post  magnumcromagnon on Fri Jun 28, 2019 2:31 am

    ROFAR, Yet Again.

    As TASS reports, RTI Group (give it a time for web-site to download--RTI may have incredible competencies in radio-electronics, their web-designers suck, however) tested the Radio-Photonics radar (Radio Optic Phased Array Radar) of new generation and it detects and tracks targets. This was confirmed by RTI's CEO Maxim Kuzyuk in his interview to TASS at Army-2019 exhibition.

    — Макетный образец и программное обеспечение работают, есть конкретный результат. Мы провели эксперименты, и радиолокатор уже строит траекторию движения летательных аппаратов. Следующая задача — это создание имитационно-моделирующего стенда и совершенствование аппаратной и программной части локатора, включая создание интегральных фотонных схем.

    Translation: the layout sample and software are working, we have a concrete result. We tested it, and radar already builds tracks (tracking) of flying aircraft. Next task is creation of the imitation-modelling stand and improvement of radar's hardware and software, including creation of integral photon chips.

    About three years ago, famous, in certain teenage and fanboys circles, American "military expert", who was injured in Afghanistan while hanging out with US military there (that surely makes him an expert), and famous... comic creator, known as David Axe, "warned" not to "sweat" Russia's radar. Yes, he said so: Don’t Sweat Russia’s Stealth-Fighter-Detecting New Radar. Sunflower can detect, but it can’t target.

    Obviously, David Axe, while being "war correspondent"  failed to learn the basics of targeting, including multi-band radar and optronic data fusion and protocols and mathematical tools used to resolve uncertainties (Kalman Filter, anyone, networking?) and provide predictions, so, naturally, he, as usual, failed miserably while exhibiting his utter incompetence. But, David Axe is just one of many manifestations of those "correspondents", political "scientists" and "analysts" who continuously fail to retain any grasp on modern warfare which, in peer-to-peer framework, requires way more than drawing false parallels and symmetries from much simpler times trying to apply them to today's mind-boggling and paradigm-shifting Real Revolution in Military Affairs. Yes, my next book is precisely about it. Radio-Photonics is one such development out of many which, pardon me for pointing this out, condemned the whole American concept of the warfare to the dust bin of history.

    As I stated earlier, the process of "revelation" of new technologies and, with them, new operational concepts and force structure will continue but in less dramatic fashion than it was on March 1, 2018 during Vladimir Putin's address to Russia's Federal Assembly. This latest news about ROFAR are just another in the series of Russia demonstrating military technologies of the future. But most importantly--look at the photo of RTI's CEO Maxim Kuzyuk--he is young, 43 years old. Degree in applied Physics and Mathematics from legendary MFTI.

    Russian Radar systems - Page 19 5081780

    Did anyone notice a year or so ago Chief Designer of T-14 Armata tank and Armata platforms? Young, early 40s at best. As Putin himself pointed out--the group which developed SU-57--all youngsters, some in their late 20s--early 30s. They, not some specific technologies, are the future and real treasure. I am almost forced to quote Uncle Joe (Stalin): cadres decide everything(c). As per this beaten to death "Stealth"--in cultured companies who have at least some ideas about modern radar and optronic technologies, forget ROFAR, using this term soon will become the sign of a bad taste. I guess that explains why Turkey and India are not going to refuse their S-400s, as Pompeo learned it the hard (and rather humiliating) way in Delhi.
    The United States is also lobbying India not to proceed with its purchase of S-400 surface-to-air missile systems from Russia. The missile deal and Iranian oil were both discussed during their meeting, Jaishankar and Pompeo said, but mentioned no resolution of either at the news conference. "On two of the biggest issues - Iran and Russia - the difference is deep," said analyst Deo, formerly a top Indian diplomat in the United States.
    Well, Duh!


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    Post  marcellogo on Fri Jun 28, 2019 8:34 am

    Austin wrote:One question who can answer.

    Can photonic radar  that Russia is working on can detect LO aircraft with high reliability including those designed to evade L & S band wavelength like B-2 or PAK-DA types ?

    Can they scale this Radar up to like S-400 class Radars ?  
    First thing, there will be not a single photonic radar, neither a single airborne of such.
    ROFAR will be the same that PESA and AESA are actually, a new technological concept that could be applied to the whole array of modern radar, including also upgrading of already existing ones.
    So probably a fighter sized radar would have not this capability but the ones of AD network or of AEW planes will surely show a decisive capability to deal with such a target (and guide the fighters to intercept them).

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    Post  George1 on Sun Jun 30, 2019 4:00 pm

    First look on the 103Zh6 Niobium-M radar system. UHV + X-band modules. Simplified version of the 55Zh6M Nebo-M radar system.

    Russian Radar systems - Page 19 D-P48T8WkAE_lfI

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    Post  Isos on Fri Jul 05, 2019 7:12 pm

    Interesting radar from Army-2019.
    Band: S
    Dimentions: 8x8m
    Instrumental range: 6000km
    Scan sector: +/- 20 degrees
    Impulse power: 500kWt
    Range vs 5m2: 3000km
    Resolution: 0,6-30m in range, 45min angle
    Errors: 3m range, 0,5min angle
    Power consumption: 2MWt

    Russian Radar systems - Page 19 D-pvmq10

    Russian Radar systems - Page 19 D-pvmq11

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