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    Military budget of the Russian Federation

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    Re: Military budget of the Russian Federation

    Post  Kimppis on Mon Dec 26, 2016 1:00 am

    If some A Different Voice's numbers are in dollars they are absolutely worth jack's shit when it comes to Russian military. In the near future Russian military budget should be roughly the same per year as it was around 2013, when military modernization was already underway and in large numbers.

    Also, the R&D stage of some major programs like Armata and PAK-FA is almost finished at this point. And it's not like they have to receive exactly the same amount of new equipment yearly as back in 2014-15. Something like 70-80% of that would still be very considerable and probably more or less enough. As was planned from the beginning anyway?

    Btw, what the hell was going on with the Russian military before 2010 or so? Because procurement and modernization was very slow and in many ways non-existent... Around that time they just crossed the magical number of 2 trillion roubles. So that 1.5 to 2 trillion simply went (and still goes) to maintenance? Of course the organization of the military was apparently quite a mess at the time and huge amounts on straight out unneccessary and obsolete equipment were in service. So they went from 20 000 or was it actually closer to 6000-8000 MBTs to around 2500 tanks?

    In any case, they clearly did the right things and now moving forward Russia should permanently have a more or less fully modern military (problems with large ships etc. notwithstanding). Just keep spending that 2-3% of the GDP per year.

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    Re: Military budget of the Russian Federation

    Post  miketheterrible on Mon Dec 26, 2016 3:14 am

    you are correct. The 2015/16 defense budget was used for a lot of things, particularly for starting procurement, tooling plants, modernization of facilities, etc. Now that the money was introduced and pushed for these, the next years can see a reduced budget. The other important thing is that during Russia's modernization of the forces, they also started to move into what they want for an armed forces and also going after the companies that couldn't make the cut and started to change management of those companies or outright sue them so they know not to screw around with state funds again.

    Now the rest is simply maintenance, procurement of more systems and some further changes. Plus on top of that, Russia's equipment is quite cheap compared to the competition so it isn't a problem for them purchasing a lot for less (48 - 50 jets for $1B is a good deal).

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