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    Is there a possibility that Russia can land on Mars before USA?



    Do you think russia could do it?

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    55% [55%] 
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    Hannibal Barca

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    Re: Is there a possibility that Russia can land on Mars before USA?

    Post  Hannibal Barca on Sun Jun 08, 2014 11:46 pm

    The answer to this question is yes. US and Russia look like they will fight for whom will be #3
    Given the fact that we need at least 50-60 more years, at least, I find it very hard for the first two spots, but given the time needed anything may happen.
    Junior Lieutenant
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    Re: Is there a possibility that Russia can land on Mars before USA?

    Post  Rmf on Sun Jan 31, 2016 3:32 pm

    interesting topic, i have an idea, could be feasible with existing technology and not too much expencive . use proton to assemble a nuclear engine space tug in orbit.
    proton-m is 25t to LEO
    proton is then 50 mil per launch.
    1- nuclear engines and other equipment.
    2-fuel for mission.
    3-tug habitation module with provisions.
    4- lander and ascent , its a single 2 stage vehicle.
    so that is 4 launches. 200 million.

    dock them in a row:  engines -fuel- lander and ascent vehicle- habitat. nuclear engine exaust could be vectored sideways and start to turn whole spaceship on axis to create gravity for habitat about 60% of earth can be enough since mars gravity is even lower.

    tug could be used multiple times for mars missions ,and used as space station- in orbit around earth and mars waiting for humans.
    tug would be resuplied when returns to earth with few proton launches for fuel and food .

    there is water on mars and carbon dioxide ... so fuel can be made on mars for ascent vehicle H2O+CO2 - methane CH4 and brethable oxygen.
    on another thought there would be needed 2-3 proton launches from earth for fuel depending on engine ISP and total weight.

    even if more proton launches is needed lets say 2x more ,8 launches that still only 400 mil dollars., and habitat and fuel are not expencive. descent-ascent vehicle can cost more about 100 mil and nuclear engine, development costs not included since they are already researched, - would cost 100 mill.
    also i would keep minimal crew about 3 for first few trips anyway. geologist- biologist -and mechanic/ astronautical engineer.

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