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    Re: Project 11356: Admiral Grigorovich

    Post  hoom on Sun Dec 30, 2018 12:55 pm

    Does any one know or confirm if the new VLS Shtil-1 with the new 9m317M/A has active radar homing ?

    Any more details or any links to it ?

    Also any details on Orekh radar , How it works , is it track while scan , how many targets it can track etc
    Makarov was delayed testing the active homing so presumably at least it has them unless the program failed & was abandoned.
    Surely its mainly just a software upgrade on the ship & new missiles with active seeker/software for the VLS so should be upgradable/ed on the other ships.

    MR-90 is 80s Soviet tech (is on Sovremennys) & definitely the weakpoint with a claimed 50km range vs the 70km of the missile -> need for the active version.
    Apparently its Pulse Doppler, Continuous Wave.
    From recollection either MR-90 or MR-123 has electronic vertical scanning but I forget which, the other has physical within the dome.
    Shtil-1 stats claim 12 targets simultaneously engaged with the 4* MR-90 config -> 3 per MR-90.

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