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    Re: Russia Sports News:

    Post  andalusia on Fri Feb 09, 2018 1:37 am

    Vann7 wrote:
    kvs wrote:

    WADA is Uncle Scumbag's anti-Russian tool.    Dick Pound and the rest of the clowns running this outfit need to be

    Is called Influence...  
    Americans leadership in the world ,their business and economic power influence WADA ,IOC ,UN
    and to sabotage Russia sport. and manage to force Europe hand to sanction Russia.
    This is consequences of Russia catastrophic failure in the world , in influencing the most developed
    nations in the world that controls international laws.

    So Putin makes it easier for Americans to humiliate Russia..  because he develops Russia
    economy as if it was a banana african third world nation with nukes.

    This world nations like in africa,Cuba ,Venezuela,middle east.. Focus their economy ,their business in
    Energy ,Mining ,and guess what? Sports.. Just like Russia. So Putin vision of Russia is wrong..
    is focusing in primitive easy business ,that even third world nations can make.. allowing
    the west to take the leadership role in business that guides the planet into the future.  No

    Putin: Russia still a world leader in sport despite Olympics situation

    So Putin is proud about sports , in what way sports makes Russia an important nation in the world?

    in what way winning many medals makes Russia a more developed nation? Cuba also used to win many
    medals in sports too..  only failure nations with failure leadership ,third world nations focus a lot their budget in sports.
    and commodities.. Because the most primitive nations in the world ,don't know what else to do..other that to sell
    what mother nature produce.

    Ohh.. Putin is also proud of Russia being the biggest world exporter of wheat.   pirat

    Did you understand Putin problem? He is the problem , he does not know how to counter American
    influence in the world.. So this is why he gets sanctions.. because is not leading Russia into a position
    of world leadership.. instead ,is guiding Russia into becoming a punching bag of the Americans.. a banana republic.
    a Sorry nation.  Americans have to be laughing their asses ,how they so easily humiliates Russia.
    And all this is consequences of Putin ,incompetence ,lack of vision for RUssia development  , lack of leadership ,lack of influence in the world. Is nor sports where Putin needs to promote their nation.. but in science and technology ,and in a modern innovative economy instead. An economy based on exporting modern technology and not in bananas
    gas and sports.

    Don't you understand , that the only reason Russia can be sanctioned ,is because it lacks of influence and leadership
    in the world?  Neutral   Why Russia cannot sanction Americans and humiliate them back ?  because Nobody follows Russia
    other than rejected third world nations.. like North korea o IRAN.. to name a few.  So Americans can start sanctions
    blaming Russia for the extinction of dinosaurs and most of the developed world ,who depends on Americans blessing and good relations will follow it.

    So you can complain all you want ,that the west is unfair.. that they should not do that.. but we don't live
    in a fair world. Tyranny rules the world.. and Putin is only helping the west to continue its abuse of power
    by allowing the west to continue dominate in everything ,and leading in all ,while Russia refuse to compete
    or offer an alternative to the US corrupt system .

    Russia have scientist that build amazing things , but the government don't take advantage of it .
    Do not promote international business with it.  They had a Yotaphone and allowed the business to
    be sold to China... So good job for China..  Laughing  

    The most amusing thing , the more ironic thing , is that even the Americans , have feel sorry for Russia
    and have been telling Putin what he is doing wrong.. Obama was joking ,about Russia, saying Russia is a gas station..
    What does Russia make?  told Obama.. Of course.. he knows Russia makes rockets ,build nuclear reactors and have good scientist..and a strong military and combat jets.. but What Obama really mean ,was is that Russia contributes in nothing in the development of the planet. Because Russia economy is not a nation that its economy focus in
    the export of technology  Contrary to US ,Japan ,and Europe ,that leads the world development
    into the future. and even now China is exporting modern technology in major scale.. so also doing
    a major contribution.

    Putin Dumb strategy is just to build a strong military and big nukes... and then be polite ,respectful in diplomacy with americans and then offer them lucrative business in Russia for peace.  His tactics with Turkey will not with Americans..
    because US runs a world empire , that is already setup and is only consolidating its power to Absolute domination ,and only Russia and China step in the middle. Since Every other country (like India,IRAN ,Cuba,Venezuela) are not a treat to US or NATO global takeover ,because they influence nothing in the world. they can be either wiped easily with their military or with a civil revolution.  

    So Putin what he is doing is only waiting for Americans to get tired of punching his face.. that is not a strategy.
    but a policy of cowards. Putin needs to fight Back.. Americans have declared war on Russia and Putin needs to FIGHT.
    and stop pretending there is no war and everything is good. He can do it with their military, but also he can do it by creating an alternative system to the American world.. To break US influence in the world. which is what he should do. But he refuse to do.. Simply because he either have no idea of what he is doing or perhaps he have a major low morale/leadership problem ,that don't think Russia have the capabilities to become an alternative to US. and is afraid to take major Risk with his economy.. like a new space race will be .or a technology industrial race ,to lead the world with Business, that takes the world into the future.  Putins follow the American corrupt system and still have the face
    later to complain ,that he don't like it.  The solution is not to BEG the corrupt IOC to help Russia compete in the olympics.. The Solution is that Putin takes seriously Russia independence.  A real Independence is what Russia need.
    Total nation Freedom is what will come when Russia become totally independent of the AMerican system. But promoting Bananas business or wasting Russia budget in meaningless Olympics and allowing US to take the lead
    in Space and steal the show in every innovative future looking business . only helps the west to continue punching
    Russia face even more and continue trying to collapse it through sanctions and economic sabotage.

    Vann7 I agree with much of what you have written here and in your previous post 343 also. It would be good if Russia did what you said along with China. The rest of the world would greatly benefit from a viable alternative to the corrupt US world order. By living here in the US and knowing the American cultural and political mentality and personality; the Americans will NEVER change. US influence in the world needs to be countered and the only country that can do that is Russia in partnership with China.


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    Re: Russia Sports News:

    Post  Vann7 on Fri Feb 09, 2018 7:22 pm

    kvs wrote:

    Vann7 I agree with much of what you have written here and in your previous post 343 also.  It would be good if Russia did what you said along with China.  The rest of the world would greatly benefit from a viable alternative to the corrupt US world order.  By living here in the US and knowing the American cultural and political mentality and personality; the Americans will NEVER change.   US influence in the world needs to be countered and the only country that can do that is Russia in partnership with China.  

    Indeed. Putin strategy will never work... NEVER.. he does not influence Americans , neither Influence
    Europe aside that with Cheap Gas discounts. And to make things even worse , he even praise US as the
    only super power and begged American companies in ST petersburg to help Him ,restore relations with
    America. If Putin shows weakness ,his enemies will only double down on their aggression. Unfortunately
    nobody near Putin explain this to him. No

    Just imagine someone give you transportation to your job , because you don't have a car , and then
    during the trip ,you complain about the car , that you don't like it.. that you don't like how he drive ,
    that you are upset about the travel route he picked.. etc etc..  then the driver will tell him.. them
    fine ,if you don't like my car , or how i drive.. then get your own FUCKING CAR.. and never ask again for transportation.

    So this is very similar to what Putin is doing.. he complains about the corrupt system created by Americans..
    but he does NOTHING to offer an alternative to it.. Putin don't create his own System ,his own world ,then Putin expect the west to change its hostilities.. just because Russia build a powerful army and modernize their nukes and then say please.  No  So what the west do is change the tactics.. Instead of fighting
    Russia directly with its military.. US fight Russia through economic sabotage ,through sactions ,to financing euromaidans in Russia and in any economic zone important for Russia as is Ukraine ,but also financing and arming
    of terrorism.    

    Russia,India and China ,BRICS countries united , can create this alternative to the US system..
    But to focus only in loans for roads and infrastructure is not going to do it.. they need a
    military /scientific alliance To create a new world. And a lot of diplomacy will be need so that India and China
    can solve their territorial issues.

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    Re: Russia Sports News:

    Post  George1 on Sat Feb 10, 2018 11:02 pm

    Short-track speed-skater brings first medal to team of Olympic Athletes from Russia

    Semion Elistratov won the bronze medal at a distance of 1,500m

    PYEONGCHANG /South Korea/, February 10. /TASS/. Russia’s short-track speed-skater Semion Elistratov won the bronze medal at a distance of 1,500m at the Olympic Games in South Korea’s PyeongChang.

    He brought the first medal to the team of Olympic Athletes from Russia. Semion’s result is 2 minutes 10.687 seconds.

    Elistratov, who is 27, has won the first Olympic medal in individual distance.
    The Olympic Games in PyeongChang will continue to February 25.


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    Re: Russia Sports News:

    Post  PapaDragon on Mon Feb 12, 2018 10:22 pm

    While I am skipping on the whole ''olympic'' clown-show (skeleton is free to watch on YouTube anyway...) I do take great pleasure in watching usual jerkoffs completely lose their shit after failing to shame Russian athletes and fans.

    And best of all it looks like OAR acronym (Olympic Athlete from Russia) is becoming badge of honor instead of scarlet letter it was intended to be. They are even making merchandise based on it already . Very Happy

    Snowflake are melting again. Did they really think that banning Russian flag will make athletes and fans forget where they came from?

    #RussiaInMyHeart: How Russia's Olympic fans are making a mockery of the IOC

    GANGNEUNG, South Korea –From the packed rows of Section G1 here at the Gangneung Ice Arena, one of the most familiar chants of Winter Olympics past repeatedly rang out Sunday.

    “Ruse-i-AH. Ruse-i-AH”

    Russia. Russia.

    Officially, Russia isn’t here. The nation was banned by the International Olympic Committee in response to a wild, systematic doping and sample tampering operation at the 2014 Sochi Games that it hosted.

    The IOC, however, did allow 168 Russian athletes to compete here. They were freed because there wasn’t credible-enough proof they individually doped. That was occasionally true because the samples were already destroyed by the Russians.

    Regardless, it has created a bizarre and, at times, unbelievable mess, where there technically are no Russian Olympians. Yet everywhere you look, there’s what the IOC has dubbed “Olympic Athletes from Russia” competing with their usual brilliance.

    Here at the team figure-skating event, the Olympic Athletes from Russia are in second place behind Canada and ahead of the United States going into Monday’s medal round.

    The Olympic Athletes from Russia were, however, the unquestioned No. 1 in fan support here, where hundreds of their countrymen donned Russian flags, Russian colors and even T-shirts with a particular anti-IOC statement: “Russia In My Heart.”

    “Huge support,” said Russian ice dancer Ekaterina Bobrova. “Our citizens, you could see them in different spots of the stadium, entire slots, they were signing their songs in Russian, waving flags. We felt as if we were at home.”

    If the IOC meant to humiliate Russia, it’s mostly backfired, at least here on the ground. Instead, the Russians are here – and impossible to ignore – aiming instead to humiliate the IOC one song, one chant, one winning performance at a time.

    “You can stop Russia from being here, but you can’t stop the Russians from being here,” said Evgeni Kichigin, who traveled to the Games from St. Petersburg and wore a Russian flag as a shirt on Sunday.

    All over the first couple days of the Games, Russia has punched back – and shown the folly of the IOC expecting a split verdict (no Russia, lots of Olympic Athletes from Russia) to actually work. The IOC should have known it’s either one or the other. Russia is here or it’s not.

    Instead, you get scenes like Sunday, entire sections of the stadium waving flags and chanting pro-Russia slogans. A large group organized themselves across three rows, wearing printed T-shirts to spell out “Russia in My Heart,” so no one could miss it. The phrase adorns stickers, signs and has become a social media rallying cry for those who didn’t come but are cheering on from back home. Other Russians walk around and put a finger to their lips in a mocking “be quiet” sign, like their presence is all a secret.

    If you understood Russians, this was predictable.

    Regardless of the overwhelming facts of the case, when backed into a corner, Russia was going to come out swinging.
    It was never going to quietly accept a full ban from the Winter Games. If you count its various itineration (Soviet Union, Unified Team, Russia), it entered these games with more medals (336) and more golds (134) than any other country.

    “When they first announced they wouldn’t let us do what usually we do, I had the impression that when we come to the Olympics the support will be twice as much as usual,” Bobrova said.

    The Olympic Athletes from Russia have coaches and support staff, many of whom usually work for the Russian Olympic Committee, which adds to the farce. Their uniform colors are the familiar red, white and blue, just slightly different shades from the official Russian colors. While they marched into the games under an Olympic flag, the IOC has already said they may lift the ban on the final day and allow the Russian flag to fly at Closing Ceremonies.

    If an Olympic Athlete from Russia wins gold, the IOC won’t play the Russian national anthem from the medal podium.

    Russian fans said it won’t matter. They’ll sing it so loud no one will be able to miss a word in a scene that promises to be even more attention-grabbing than usual.

    It’ll be one IOC humbling after the next.

    “We need to be here now,” said Roman Bykov, of Moscow. “We have to support our athletes and our country. Our sportsman are heroes to just compete in this situation. This is even more difficult.”

    Many Russians disagree with the IOC verdict. This despite admissions from numerous individuals who carried out the scheme. It included not just doping, but constructing an entire building next to the Sochi testing lab so that after-hours dirty samples could be slipped out and clean ones slipped in via a hole in the wall. After the scandal was uncovered, two high-level authorities who were said to be involved mysteriously turned up dead.

    Russian media has taken the ruling as fake news and evidence of the world being anti-Russian.

    No matter the facts, fans argue, when you consider the history of performance-enhancing drugs in just about every other nation, who cares? Why punish Russia so harshly?

    “State-sponsored system?” said Bykov as he stood by his friend, Dmitrii Burkurov, who nodded in agreement. “We don’t believe.”

    What they believe is the IOC’s corruption. That and the heart of the Russian athletes. So here they are, full of Russian pride, singing Russian songs, wearing as much Russian gear as they can drape over their frames.

    They’re making a mockery of the weak-kneed IOC and turning the Olympics, even conservative figure skating, into a Russian pep rally.

    “It’s great,” pairs skater Alexander Enbert said with a smile.

    “Absolutely huge,” Bobrova, the ice dancer, echoed.

    Ruse-i-AH. Ruse-i-AH.

    And just wait until men’s hockey takes the ice.


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    Re: Russia Sports News:

    Post  Vann7 on Mon Feb 12, 2018 10:29 pm

    more interesting information..
    Everyone knows how Putins promotes a lot "healthy life" ,
    "healthy sports."

    Don't take my word about it.. my criticism of Putin ignorance ,
    about how unhealthy are sports.. and dangerous is sports..
    take the word of RT documentary.. Sports are not healthy in any fucking way.
    People get lifetime injuries or even die in Olympics trying to get first place and a  medal.
    Youth very early in life getting broken arms and legs.. Good Job for Putin. Rolling Eyes

    If Putin was educated and not a complete ignorant ,he will NOT be promoting
    any sports in Russia.. ZERO..  Going to the gym and exercises.. or running bike ,yes..
    education yes and day light exercises for health yes.... but epenis competition for medals no.
    Only promotes Ethnic Superiority of one nation over another.. this is what Sports promotes..
    divisions ,radical nationalism ,racism and lifetime injuries or even people lives too and for nothing.

    Sports are only good for skilled people who wants to make easy money... good for them.
    but any Government role should be to promote education and science. and to take care of health.
    and not to push your body to its limits and beyond.. that is what sports really do. It will make
    people get lifetime injures for bragging rights ,of a nation .about a totally meaningless competition.
    that in no way makes the nation more advanced or developed.

    Russian gets an arm or leg broken for money and to give a stupid medal to their president.

    The "wise President" should be told ,that Russians get lifetime injuries ,or even get killed..
    only because money and to try to proof how worthy their nation is to the world in a
    total meaningless competition. that does really do a difference at all in their nation.
    Judo is not healthy , Ultimate fighting that Putin promotes is not healthy.. people die there..
    Olympics is NOT healthy.people get serious injures very early in life for nothing .

    Now this doesn't means that sports should be banned... There will be always people
    that like easy shortcuts ,for fame and money , but that the government should stay away
    from sports.. 100%.. and give private business to take care of it..
    Instead Putin should promote education and science which is what really matters and will really
    help the country to move forward..

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    Re: Russia Sports News:

    Post  George1 on Sun Feb 25, 2018 11:20 am

    Red Machine smashed the Germans in Ice hockey olympic final. This is th first gold for Russia ice hockey team in olympics after 1992!!

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    Re: Russia Sports News:

    Post  Godric on Sun Feb 25, 2018 11:44 am

    Russia beating the Germany in the final it only goes to prove an old adage that Germans always fair badly against Russia in the Winter cheers

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    Re: Russia Sports News:

    Post  George1 on Mon Feb 26, 2018 2:07 am

    The 2 Russian Olympic gold medal in Pyeongchang russia

    Alina Zagitova - Figures Skating Ladies' singles

    Men's Ice Hockey

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    Re: Russia Sports News:

    Post  George1 on Mon Feb 26, 2018 2:36 am

    Decision on Russian Olympic membership may be made in early March — IOC panel head


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    Re: Russia Sports News:

    Post  Vann7 on Tue Mar 13, 2018 11:24 am

    It looks like sports that Putin "the Genius" promotes are not so healthy at all..

    Alina Zagitova the Gold medalist have gotten major injuries too skating,when she was younger
    and she is only 15.  No

    Injuries and winning medals goes hand to hand. The pressure they get to win
    ,force them to abuse of their bodies and even take drugs. Hundreds of Russian athletes
    using Meldoniun for respiratory issues ?  give me a F#$% break.  So if this the kind of Nation Putin wants
    to promote ? a Nation of disable people?  

    Who will have though ,that Olympics pressure is so high,that promotes people to get
    injuries ,sometimes life time injuries ,in the name of a stupid medal for Putin?????

    If Putin "the genius" ,when came to power in 2000 , promoted  Science and Education , as much he now does
    with sports..that is people to use their brains and not their bodies for a meaningless entertainment. they will have long time already achieved their technology independence from the rest of the world ,in their civilian industrial business where Russia is very weak since export nothing of value for the average citizens of the world.

    One thing is the Promotion of Physical exercises and gym for health and another is pressure people to win
    a medal at the expense of their health. Which is what Putin "the Genius" is doing.
    Russia should stop promoting olympics ,leave that for the lazy olygarchs who never invest in Russia and all they do
    is spend their money in luxuries abroad,and the government focus in more meaningful nation Development..
    Promotion since young age of Music ,acting , Promote ART , Architecture , Science ,mathematics ,technology and Physics.. any achievements in those areas ,will not be limited to a few weeks of meaningless glory like it is Olympics .but it could last centuries ,if not more ,look at the Pyramids  and it will even transform the planet and make lives of people better. and this are the things that will make Russia Great again.. or even better nation. And leading in where it really matters is what will help Russia influence the developed world and disband NATO, to join Russia orbit and not the west.. and make Russia great again as it was ,when it was the clear leaders of space race.

    There are calls by UK and US to ban Russia from FIFA.. it will be truly embarrassing if Russia banned from it and
    humiliated after they spend so much money on that.. But if they do this ,it will be a huge mistake.. for them ,
    because will be forcing Putin ,to realize how incredibly FOOL ,he have been for wasting so much money in sports..
    when he can spend them elsewhere.. in Things that cannot be banned for being so valuable for the world
    development and that they respect.


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    Re: Russia Sports News:

    Post  kvs on Tue Mar 13, 2018 4:05 pm

    Go bleat your hate on NATO fora, troll.

    Everything in your "theory" can be applied to western countries and their sports programs.

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    Re: Russia Sports News:

    Post  GarryB on Tue Mar 13, 2018 9:59 pm

    But it is only Russia that wastes money on sports...

    I suspect Vann was a fat kid that got picked last for every sport at school so he hates it... and if he hates it then it must be Putins fault obviously.

    I would be actually worried if Vann said Putin actually did something right...

    What you have to realise is Vann is basically like the western media... in the 1990s they pretty much forgot about Russia... which is of course bad for Russia... not because western media attention is good for Russia but because things in Russia were so bad they could be ignored.

    Today however Russia is getting better and stronger and the west is taking notice because it is because of putin that they are getting better and stronger.

    As long as they demonise Putin I know he is doing right by Russia, though to be honest with all these claims he is evil, I would like to see him actually behave in a counter way to the west just because he can and not because it is in Russian interests to do so.

    Of course that is the problem... Putin is acting in the interests of Russia... if the west had any brains they would adapt their foreign policy so that they don't act only in their own interests and take russian interests into account too.. if they did he could easily and probably happily accommodate them... but the reality is they don't give a shit about anyone but themselves... so when he acts in Russias interests it is always against western interests...

    “The West won the world not by the superiority of its ideas or values or religion […] but rather by its superiority in applying organized violence. Westerners often forget this fact; non-Westerners never do.”

    ― Samuel P. Huntington, The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order

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    Re: Russia Sports News:

    Post  George1 Today at 1:32 am

    Olympic champion Gorshkov reelected as president of Russian Figure Skating Federation


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