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    Russian arms sales to South-east Asia


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    Re: Russian arms sales to South-east Asia

    Post  zepia on Wed May 18, 2016 4:39 pm

    sepheronx wrote:Too bad about the tanks.  The Chinese tanks are of questionable quality as proven multiple times, but Thailand got a good deal I bet and Ukraine got nothing so I am happy.  Helicopters and planes would be a good sale if Russia can get more deals with them.

    People here (in Thailand) seem to be disappointed for the army's tank choice. Most concern is about quality. (me too.)
    Most also think the choice is made from political reasons rather than technical reasons. (yes, me too lol.)

    But I have to admit that VT-4 is really looking good on papers.
    Full hunter-killer capability, APS available, Remote control HMG, IFF, Inter-unit communication network, etc.
    All for $5m is very attractive price.

    For the heli its first time they (Thai army) openly admit about replacement of their problematic chinook.
    Which is good sign because that mean Mi-17 (and may be Russian equipment in general) is gaining trust from Thai army.
    This time 12 birds are waiting for cabinet approval. Not often to see the army proposal helicopter more than couple.

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    Re: Russian arms sales to South-east Asia

    Post  George1 on Sun May 22, 2016 5:53 am

    Russia signed a contract with Ministry of Defence of Laos for repair of military helicopters

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