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    MiG-31BM Interceptor: News



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    Re: MiG-31BM Interceptor: News

    Post  hoom on Sat Jun 02, 2018 1:36 pm

    The known MiG-31K´s are a repaired MiG-31DZ (with refueling probe) that includes Kinzhal capability
    This is not a modernized MiG-31, because have not the radar of B/BS versions, and for that any of the new capabilities of BM based in that thing
    The most visible similarity MiG-31BM and MiG-31K is the periscope over the copkit
    However the MiG-31K has not pylons under the wings, and also have not an antenna unther the copkit, just before of the forward landing gear.

    All B (with probe) were modernized to BM-type28, last in 2013.Total about 45 in my account for VVS and Navy (remaining from 54 as much received from USSR)
    The BS (without probe) are being modernized to BM-type 58 and type 78 since the end of 2013 and it is not clear if will be enough for the current squadrons, completing Perm and perhaps Yelizovo at the end of this year.As much about 90 will be modernized for VVS and Navy , this means probaby about all the available

    MiG-31K have the tittle "VKS"in the tail, not VVS. It is still not clear the destination unit of this squadron of MiG-31K.
    Anyway there are enough MiG-31DZ stored for raise several squadrons of MiG-31K, in my opinión probably at least one squudron in the two main fleets, as there are not naval Tu-22 since 10 years ago
    Top Poast thumbsup Answers a bunch of questions I came here for.

    Cannibalising the relatively limited numbers of BMs for launching Kinzhal (what I presumed they would be doing) had seemed like a bad idea.
    Using an old model that has been sitting around in storage, minimally upgraded and with obsolete stuff not needed for this dedicated purpose stripped out makes a lot of sense.

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    Re: MiG-31BM Interceptor: News

    Post  Hole on Sat Jun 02, 2018 4:52 pm

    A radar and a few AAM´s for self-defence would be fine, but the range of its main weapon makes it no neccessity.

    I guess the plane will receive all information it needs from external sources.

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