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    MiG-31BM Interceptor: News


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    Re: MiG-31BM Interceptor: News

    Post  AMCXXL on Tue Aug 15, 2017 1:28 am

    franco wrote:So any aircraft called BSM were first just B's, radar upgraded to BS and then getting flight refueling capability to BSM?
    There are a few ARZ's still owned and operated by the Air Force. Believe Rzhev and Kubinka to be two of them.
    Good detailed information and photos by the way. As for how many aircraft have been updated to BM status, only the Russian military knows exactly and they don't like to share. My personal take on it, is to try to get data that I am comfortable in saying is within 90% accurate.

    THe Mig-31 , Mig-31DZ , and Mig-31B are tree planes totally different
    A refueling system is not only a pipe
    To load hundreds of liters per minute you need a mechanism that helps the hose of the tanker, engine and pump of supcion.
    By putting all that into the fuselage in the cockpit area, all other components and elements are not in the same place or the same size.
    Putting a refueling mechanism is like redesigning the airplane inside again, it's as expensive as building another new airplane
    If the Soviet engineers could not do it, or didn´t want to do it, is because it left more account to manufacture more airplanes
    In 80´s the computers and electronic was was not miniaturized and less in the USSR
    The Mig-31 is basically a can of cane that flies to +3000 km/h, incredible for the western engineers when they saw it in the 80's

    The original MiG-31 equipped about 10 ? regiments of about 28 ? planes in 80´s, then at the end of the 80`s when Il-78 was comissioned new DZ versión , which although basically had the same performance is a different aircraft inside and eqquiped a pair of regiments or 3-4 squadrons as much

    The Mig-31B version is another new design, because in addition to the refueling mechanism had a different radar and other changes, which again changed the inner design of the airplane. The DZ cannot be elevated to BM even though there were more radars to do so B
    The B versión , in first 90´s made about 90-100 planes

    Then the cuts after the breakdown of USSR, closed some bases, and the Mig-31 was upgraded to B stamdard, this means same skills implemented in "B", and the radar could be implemented in this planes, at difference with DZ , with a more complicated inner desing. About  90-100 only.The rest was decomisioned , and later most scrapped

    russia  By the way , what´s about a old soviet flag ? Mig-31 forever cheers

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    Re: MiG-31BM Interceptor: News

    Post  George1 Yesterday at 4:48 am

    Modernization of MiG-31 fighters at the Nizhny Novgorod Aviation Plant "Sokol"

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