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    The T-80s future in the Russian Army


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    Re: The T-80s future in the Russian Army

    Post  The-thing-next-door on Tue Nov 28, 2017 10:11 pm

    nato would not sacrifice their entire airforce just to bomb Nizhny Tagil when they army and navy rely on it and before you say that Russia will not be able to mass all of its SAMs in time nato cannot use all its aircraft in one place either since their logistics simply cannot cope with that many aircraft.

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    Re: The T-80s future in the Russian Army

    Post  eehnie on Wed Nov 29, 2017 3:43 am

    Isos wrote:
    eehnie wrote:
    Isos wrote:
    The-thing-next-door wrote:
    Isos wrote:

    Produce a new tank so that you can put it into the reserve ...
    Some guys here have such stupid ideas ...

    No produce a new turret for your reserve tank.

    The T-80 is never going to be good enough for a frontline tank of Russia since it is not vastly superior to all non Russian tanks in all the 3 main aspects (firepower,survivability and mobility) that is what the T-14 is for.

    If your t 14 are destroyed the war will be over. No need to send t 80 they won t do better. For secondary mission like fighting transport tropp vehicle, no need to uphrade them.  

    Syria proves how today T-55 and T-62 are useful still to win a war. To have important amounts of T-80 is good for Russia.

    Most stupid thing I've heard in this forum I think.

    They are wining the war because of russian airstrikes. And they are wining against guys with pick ups. Not really the war we are discussing here ...

    Their t72 were destroyed by hundreds before russian came. What would do a t-54 in a real war against leopard or merkavas ? Nothing even if you have 2000 of them against 400 merkavas. Oudated means outdated. At a certain point even having the number advantage isn t enough.

    Your reaction is totally out of touch.

    It is obvious that the T-55 and the T-62 are an effective part of the material that Syria/Russia and allies are using to win this war.

    The value of the armament depends of what the adversary is able to put in front of.

    The US, Israel and the rest of their allies, have not been able to put Merkavas in this war, and only a few Leopard 2s that have not been very successful. Neither other older Western tanks (because of their failed scrapping strategy). Something to take into account.

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    Re: The T-80s future in the Russian Army

    Post  eehnie on Wed Nov 29, 2017 4:17 am

    SeigSoloyvov wrote:
    PapaDragon wrote:
    SeigSoloyvov wrote:..................
    Russia can build all the tanks it wants, Russia alone cannot out produce all of NATO, it does not have nearly as much of a manpower pool to draw from. Where has NATO could afford to lose millions easy, Russia could not.

    If such a war did happen and nukes weren't used Russia would need to win QUICKLY and even then it would have insurrections all over the place in occupied nations which would force it to keep considerable manpower to keep things calm. Thus weakening it's offensive force.

    Seig I belive we are all discussing this from different starting points hence the argument.

    You assume that Russia would be going into NATO countries.

    Rest of us here assume that NATO will be going into Russia.

    Regardless of who is going to whom.

    My point does not change, NATO could build more things faster has more manpower to use.

    Russia alone simply could not win. I am not saying that to bash russia also it's just how it is.

    If russia should on constant defense it would get widdled down to nothing in due time, it's only means to survive would be to grab land, take factories and hopefully have people in the countries it takes fight for them.

    WW2 left a nasty mark on Russia population wise one they still have not healed from.

    Russia has allies today too.

    Also, since the 1980s you destroyed too the Western European military industry, in order to create a US monopoly on military industry. It is almost totally destroyed today.

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    Re: The T-80s future in the Russian Army

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