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    Yak-130: News


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    Re: Yak-130: News

    Post  Isos on Fri Jan 05, 2018 10:23 pm

    For those who are saying to make the Yak-130 a real fighter, here is Something interesting about its radar. I don't know if it was already discussed in this thread already but I put it anyway.

    Description: The Osa is an X-band multi-function radar system designed to provide air-to-air and air-to-surface operation modes. The Osa radar system provides guidance for active and semi-active air-to-air missiles and air-to-surface guided munitions. In the air-to-air mode, it can detect an airborne target featuring a five square meters radar cross section (RCS) at a maximum range of 85 kilometers. Simultaneously, it can track eight targets and engage four of them. In the air-to-surface mode, the radar system provides target range finding, ground mapping, moving target indication (MTI) and can track two targets.

    The Osa and Kopyo radar systems can be integrated on the Yak-130 light attack/advanced trainer aircraft.

    The Yak-130 is fitted with the 8GHz to 12.5GHz Osa or Oca (Wasp) radar developed by NIIP Zhukovsky. The radar has the capacity to track eight airborne targets simultaneously, simultaneously engage four targets at all angles and simultaneously track two ground targets. The detection range against 5m² cross section targets is 40km in the rear direction and 85km in the forward direction. The lock-on range for operation in automatic tracking mode is 65km.

    The radar, which has adaptive waveforms and sidelobes, has a surface mapping mode which includes image freezing and zooming on areas of interest.

    An alternative radar fit is the Kopyo (Spear) radar. The aircraft can also be fitted with a podded Platan (Palm Tree) infrared search and track targeting system.

    And Something found on wikipedia about a zhuk radar mounted on a pod and that can fit on trainer fighters:


    On-board radar system with active phased array antenna, made with the same technology as Zhuk-AM, standardized for installation on different types of aircraft including drones. Can also be installed/carried in pods.

    Zhuk-AU/AUE comes in following versions.

    FGA 51.1 - A forward-looking "X" band AESA radar

    FGA 51.2 - A side-looking "X" band AESA radar

    FGA 51.3 - A side-looking "P" band AESA radar


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    Re: Yak-130: News

    Post  kopyo-21 on Sat Jan 06, 2018 8:32 am

    Actually, the Osa and Osa-1 are pesa radar developed by NIIP for small fighters like Mig-21 and Mig-29ub modernization and now offered for Yak-130. In 2012, Phazotrol said they was developing FK-130 radar for Yak-120, supposed to start fly-testing in 2013. Not sure about its status now.

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    Re: Yak-130: News

    Post  George1 on Fri Mar 16, 2018 8:53 am

    Four new Yak-130 transferred to the Russian Air Force

    Spotters report that on March 14, 2018, four new training aircraft Yak-130 delivered to the service station flew from Irkutsk with an intermediate landing at Tolmachevo (Novosibirsk) and Shagol (Chelyabinsk) airports. Aircraft built by the Irkutsk Aviation Plant (IAZ) of PJSC "Irkut Corporation" have red side numbers "05", "06", "07" and "08" (alleged serial numbers from 1404 to 1407) and were flown in Irkutsk in the summer and in the fall of 2017, however, the transfer of the Yak-130 aircraft was not carried out from the end of July 2017 and only resumed now, presumably, this was due to ongoing upgrades of this type of aircraft after two flight accidents from the Yak-130 VKS to one day of June 21, 2017.

    Four new Yak-130 combat trainer aircraft built by Irkutsk Aircraft Corporation Irkut Corporation (the red side numbers "05", "06", "07" and "08", the alleged serial numbers from 1404 to 1407) during an intermediate landing in Tolmachevo (Novosibirsk), 03/03/2018 (с) Andrey Neiman /

    These four aircraft were built by the IAZ in the framework of the contract for the supply of VKS of Russia until the end of 2018, 30 Yak-130 aircraft, signed by the Russian Defense Ministry in April 2016. The first ten Yak-130 aircraft under this contract (cars with red onboard numbers from "40" to "49" - serial numbers from 1308 to 1317) were transferred to the VKS in October-December 2016 and entered the 200th training aviation base in Armavir (Krasnodar Territory), which provides training for the re-established Krasnodar Higher Military Aviation School of Aviation (KVVAUL) named after AK Serov. In May-July 2017, six more Yak-130 aircraft of the 2017 program with red onboard numbers "50", "100", "01", "02", "03" and "04" were sent to Armavir (serial numbers, respectively, 1319, 1320, 1318, 1401, 1402, 1403).

    Although from June to November 2017, eight more Yak-130s were dispatched to the IAZ for VKS of Russia (serial numbers from 1404 to 1411), but none of them were delivered and until recently all these boards remained in Irkutsk. Now the first four of these aircraft have been transferred to the VKS. At the same time, as reported, on March 14, 2018 the aircraft with the onboard number "07 red" was delayed in Novosibirsk, apparently due to technical maladjustment.

    Aircraft, apparently, will be part of the same 200th training aviation base in Armavir. With the transfer of the Yak-130 aircraft to Russia, the total number of serial vehicles of this type delivered to the Russian Ministry of Defense has reached 99 units - of which the 12 first two series were built at the JSC "Nizhny Novgorod Aviation Plant" Sokol ", and another 87 - in Irkutsk aircraft factory.

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    Re: Yak-130: News

    Post  GarryB on Sun Mar 18, 2018 6:01 am

    For those who are saying to make the Yak-130 a real fighter, here is Something interesting about its radar. I don't know if it was already discussed in this thread already but I put it anyway.

    Actually one of the cheapest ways of making the Yak-130 into a fighter would be a Sapsan like targeting pod on the belly and the AWACS aircraft they are developing for their new carriers...

    the targeting pod can detect air targets in the IR, for the use of R-73/74 and also R-27T and R-27ET air to air missiles, plus the AWACS platform can search 360 degrees from mms above the ground to high altitude to hand target information to the Yak-130 so they can use that information to launch R-77 and even R-37M missiles... the AWACS aircraft can provide course correction updates to the missiles on their way to the target, so the Yak-130 can disengage or fire IR guided missiles too...

    This would make all Yak-130s reasonably capable fighters as they can already manouver rather well and use modern short range high off boresight AAMs, and at long range they can use most heavy Russian missiles with radar support.

    In a capable armed force like Russia they could even rely on data from the air defence network... ie S-300, S-350, S-400, S-500 batteries for target data... but AWACs support would be more efficient and easier... the only thing is that they would need upgrades in terms of self defence ESM suites...

    By the time a new smaller AWACS aircraft is developed of course they might also have a small 5th gen fighter too... which would also tick all the boxes though the Yak-130 would be cheaper in peace time and during war, it would not be as survivable during war.

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